Saturday, November 12

A Collaged Christmas Clipboard

Hello - Carole here! As a member of the Amazing Mold Putty design team, I've been having a blast molding and casting a variety of items. If it's not movin', it just might get covered with putty! :) 

This month I've molded rubber stamps, fancy brads, and metal pieces to create embellishments to decorate my clipboard.

After mixing equal parts of "A" and "B" putty, I molded my snowflake and "Joy" rubber stamps. I found that when mold stamps, it is important to be sure the putty make contact with the mounting block all around the stamp. This ensures that you have a nice deep reservoir for the casting resin.

I started with one of those ordinary brown, hardboard clipboards. I covered the clipboard with a paper napkin using Susan Pickering Rothamel’s napkin collage technique. This is one of those OMG-that-looks-fabulous techniques that is so, so easy. To watch a video of Susan demonstrating this technique, click here.

I used several different techniques to glam up the cast pieces. For the bird I dusted the mold with with Alumilite's Metallic Pearlescent Powder before pouring the Amazing Casting Resin. After I unmolded the bird, I heated it with my heat gun enough to make it flexible and gently repositioned the wings to look more three dimensional.

The snowflakes were painted with acrylic paints. While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled the pieces with ultrafine crystal glitter.

For the Joy embellishment I began by coating the casting with Duo Adhesive. This adhesive is milky white when wet. It dries to a clear, tacky finish that is perfect for adhering mica powders, glitters, foiling, or gilding. In this case gold glitter!! My key learning here: words mold backwards. So, the back side of the casting becomes the display side.


The white poinsettia was dusted with mica powder with a drop of gold acrylic paint for the center. The red poinsettia is covered with Stickles with a gold Stickles center. 


I used Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive to glue my “Amazing” embellishments on the clipboard. I accented the red and white berries on the napkins with Stickles and completed the piece with a variety of ribbons tied onto the clamp.

This clipboard gives me a beautiful place to keep my holiday lists and reminders. Maybe it will help me be more organized over the holidays

You can see more projects at my Create & Craft blog.   ~ Carole


  1. Beautiful clipboard... LOVE your remark "If it's not movin', it just might get covered with putty :) ." SO TRUE!!!!

  2. I just love that clipboard!! So Christmasy and your molds turned out great! Everyone needs to find out just how easy it is to use!

    Hugs XX

  3. I love your clipboard and it's embellishments. Great tip on heating up the piece with your heat gun so you can flex it a bit.
    Thanks for sharing
    I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

  4. I really enjoyed all of this blog!! so informative!! since the word molds backwards,does that mean that the glitter ended up on the backside,so you had to manually do the front? great for ornaments!...I didn't know you could mold a stamp! that is cool


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