Thursday, November 24

Moldmaking 102 - Casting from the Mold

Today I bring you the work of my wonderful friend Melony Bradley of Mel Designs. While digging through some vintage jewelry I found a bunch of pieces I could take apart. One piece in particular made me very happy. It contained several vintage Zinnias. I knew Melony could make some fabulous things with them. Honestly she is one of the most creative people I know. You could give her a potato sack, some ink and in 24 hours she would whip you up a haute couture gown. Below is the mold I sent to her with a small ball of clay.

She used Jacquard's Cernit Clay in white to make
a zinnia from the Amazing Mold Putty mold. 

She pinched off a dime sized piece and conditioned by hand.
Then rolled it into a ball before pushing it into the mold.

Push the clay out of the mold and you have this adorable little zinnia.
(But, if you want you can bake the clay directly in the mold.)

Now bake according to manufacturers directions. She coated the dried clay with Lumiere paint the zinnias. Viola! totally cool necklaces. If you want to see a full tutorial CLICK HERE or on the link to her blog at the top.

~ written by Niki Meiners

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