Thursday, February 26

AMAZING Wiggly, Jiggly Creature Making...
by Lynne Suprock

Lynne Suprock here to take a little trip down memory lane for some fun and AMAZING inspiration.

One day last summer, I seriously bought a box of old Creepy Crawler metal molds! Let's just maybe call it reverting to my childhood days. I really don't know what made me do it... but I loved playing with those icky things when I was an itty-bitty girl, about a hundred years or so ago.

So fast forward to now, and a box of empty metal molds and no goop, per se. Well, while working on some of my other Amazing Casting Products projects, the light went on. The Amazing Remelt reminded me of those same wiggly, jiggly little creatures from my past. Why not see if the Amazing Remelt would work in the molds? And, the most excellent part is that no baking is necessary!


So, per package directions, I melted the Amazing Remelt, added some sparkle, and poured the molds... I was giggly! Here are some of my sparkly, little creatures.

What childhood memories will
you recreate with Amazing Remelt?

I would love if you would leave a comment below to let us know how this technique works for you! Please share what you make with Amazing Casting Products on our website in the User Gallery.

Please visit my blog "Simply Pretty Stuff" to see more of my creations
and to view my upcoming workshop schedule.  ~ Lynne

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  1. That's great. Actually bought some last year in my bucket list. Tfs

  2. This product is lots of fun Jess!

  3. This product is lots of fun Jess!


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