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Contain Your LOVE... an AMAZING Valentine tutorial by Isabel Villarreal

Small containers are a personal weakness of mine so I tend to save pretty much anything small that can be used for storing beads, findings and glitter. This time around I put a few aside that I felt could be turned into jewelry or gifts. Valentines day is just around the corner and it inspired me to turn these small jars and bottles into vessels filled with love.


Being that the largest piece I had was only about 1.5" tall I mixed up some Amazing Mold Rubber so that I could capture all the small details of my miniature container collection. I started by using hot glue to fasten my small containers to a box that had been prepped for pouring a mold, making sure to leave at least 1/2" space between every piece. I mixed up a jar of Amazing Mold Rubber and poured it into the box {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Be sure you use enough to completely cover everything. 

Curing time varies depending on local temperature/humidity. I live in South Florida where it's pretty warm and humid so my mold was set in about 2 hours. After removing the mold I used small scissors to trim away any excess or overflow so that the mold would have nice clean edges when I am ready to cast the pieces.


In preparation for my resin casting I traced the original containers on a piece of paper, made some doodles and gathered some stickers, gems and ribbons to start creating my little containers of love. I had six different molds so I filled each with different glitters, used Alumilite Resin Dye to add color and a few other items. I poured my first layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin.


The first resin layer was only a little sticky about 4 hours later, so I added various decorative baubles. My second layer of resin would be different for each vessel so I mixed a batch then divided it into different mixing cups to finish off the casting. I left these to cure overnight.

The next day I removed my resin pieces from the mold. These are my pieces cast in resin compared to the original containers. Amazing Rubber Rubber does it again! Now to add some decorative bits.

The original was a 1" glass jar filled with glitter – now it's a bottle of puppy love. This was pretty cute on it's own so I just added a length of hemp so it could be worn around your neck. 

The original was a tiny 1/2" corked jar with foil flakes - now this tiny jar holds a heart. I used pliers to bend the pin into a bail. Some ribbon and a gem top it off.

Some wire, gems and ribbon turn these into the perfect little keepsake. These containers are now filled with romance and magic, the originals were 3/4" aluminum gem jars.

This is a clear message of love. Some wire wrapping and hemp string make it a sliding pendant. This piece was molded from a pencil lead container. 

Double the love with this resin piece molded from the lid of small glitter container. Swirled Gold Alumidust decorates the outer ring. I wrapped a leather strap around the piece so it could be worn around the neck. 

Amazing Mold Rubber makes it so easy to take a simple container and turn it into a vessel of love. 

What will your Amazing Mold
Rubber molds contain? 

I'd love to see what you create! Please upload and share your creations to the

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