Saturday, February 21

Mardi Gras Hangover?? Mask it with #Cre8time Leftovers by Tanya Ruffin

On a recent trip to the Dollar Store I saw some foil masks in a package of six. Well, of course my mind went to what I could make with them... so I picked them up and pondered what magnificent things could be made... instead I made this! (a little self deprecating humor is supposed to make me charming, right?) Just kidding, I love it!

I started out with a lot of left over resin pieces made with Amazing Casting Resin. I had a gazillion little boxes with pieces/parts, so I picked out ones that looked Mardi Gras-ish with a little steampunk attitude.

You could recreate this using odds and ends from around your house or craft room... Think keys, screws, small light bulbs, coins, items from gumball machines... the ideas are endless!

With some E-6000, I glued everything to the mask.

Dollar Store masks!

Arrange and glue cast pieces onto mask base.

Just look at some of the treasures on this piece! 

Doesn't matter what color the pieces are – we will paint it all! 


I took it outside and spray painted it all black.


I then pulled out some Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments colors that worked for Mardi Gras: Spring Green, Misty Lavender and Metallic Gold. I used a matte gel medium to mix with the powders and a q-tip to apply the color lightly to the surface, apply same as you would a rub-n-buff. 

I alternated the colors to give a Mardi Gras effect. 

I think it came out rather nicely!

What can you make with your resin left overs?

Craft Your Own Way! ~ Tanya

Tanya Ruffin with Create Studios

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