Wednesday, February 4

#Cre8time Fabulous Textured Fondant Cookies... by Michelle Galpern

Good afternoon Amazing Crafters – Michelle here with quick and fun tutorial to create fabulous textured fondant cookies using Amazing Mold Putty!

1. Roll out cookie dough and cut shapes with a cupcake cookie
cutter or stingray cutter (or any cutters you may have).

2. Bake and cool cookies completely according to the recipe.

3. Roll out your fondant and cut shapes to match
your cookies with your cookie cutters.

FUN TIP -- Use plastic wrap between your fondant and
cookie cutter to give a puffy rounded edge effect.

4. I pressed my fondant with an impression mat I made using Amazing Mold Putty
to give a beautiful texture and appearance to create a wow effect!

A TIP -- Fondant doesn't usually stick to Amazing Mold Putty,
but if it is a humid day and it's sticking a little dust with corn starch first.

5. Attach your fondant to the cookies with a light application of buttercream.

6. Lastly, I dusted with an edible luster dust to highlight
the impressions and bring my cookies to life.

No boring cookies, only fun and fabulous!

What impressive texture would
you give your creative confections???

Until next time, Keep life sweet!   ~ Michelle Galpern

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  1. These were great and the mild can be used over and over again !


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