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Sweet Gifts Inspire #Cre8time Fun for Easy to Make Gifts... by Maria Soto

Hello everyone – this is Maria and today I want to share a special project hoping to inspire you to create!  

Over the years my kids have always come to me for things they can give away as birthday or Christmas gifts to their friends. Many times I would let them take whatever they wanted, sometimes giving up something I really liked and wanting to keep for myself.  

Well as I've mentioned before, I love making my own molds and even more when they are made from recycled materials. One of my sisters gave me some jelly beans for Christmas – it was a cute box filled with lots of candies all different flavors. When I was done eating them all, I noticed the tray where they were nicely sorted... it would be fun to make some interesting molds.

The last time I worked with Amazing Mold Rubber, I had some extra rubber left so I decided to try and pour it over this fun empty candy tray, and see what I would come up with later on.

You can go {here} to view how to mix the Amazing Mold Rubber. I love this product – it's so easy to work with. It sets pretty fast, depending on the size and thickness of your mold. This one took about 20 minutes to set because it's small and thin.

Just look how pretty my mold turned out! I have tiny little boxes I can use for casting shapes in resin or I could use it as a stamp too.

I decided to use the Amazing Casting Resin this time, because I was going to add items I had made with resin – embedded in the mold castings that would actually serve as pendants.

The fun part comes after the Amazing Casting Resin is cured – it's still soft so you can easily drill holes if you plan to use them in jewelry like I did. Then add color to everything, you can pretty much use any type of paint to add color to the cured resin – some items were already colored before, so all I had to do was add some color to the pendant piece. I used color box chalk ink pad in warm red to add some tint to the white resin pieces; then took a black sharpie and added a black border to the pendants. The photo above shows some of the pendants all ready for assembly. 

I decided to use some chord by Darice, then add a few beads and tie a knot, making long corded chains... since my daughter suggested this is how teens like to wear necklaces.

Now I'm ready for when my kids come asking for stuff to give away, I have a large assortment of gifts for them to chose from. I do have to make some more items – I'm thinking key chains for the boys. I will be busy using this fun mold for a while, and can't wait to try it as a stamp too! I hope I have inspired you to create ahead, and to make fun stuff for those days when you need a special gift.  

These Amazing Casting Products make creating fun – so if you have not tried them, I suggest you do... it will open up your creativity to a whole new level. 

What shape will you cast in
unique pendants and jewels?

Share your projects with us, we love to see what
everyone creates with Amazing Casting Products.

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  1. Great idea using a candy tray! Recycle and create all at it!


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