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Key to My House Valentine... AMAZING Inspiration by Brenda Burfeind

Greeting Amazing Crafters! Brenda here from Creativity is a State of Mind and I'm here to show you a special Valentine's gift I was commissioned to do. First let me give you a little background...

I love to go junk-ing and recently discovered a gentleman in my town that has the most awesome antique, junk shop I've ever been to and I've been to a lot. He is such a down to earth guy and loves to share and learn along everyone else. We've become friends on facebook and I share various things I've created with him and on his page. Recently I received a FB message from another gentleman and I'll share what he wrote:

Dear Miss Burfeind, (THAT made me laugh a little) 
I've been stalking your facebook lately since I see you are friends with Jon and found your blog through that. I was hoping to find the perfect gift for my girlfriend. I always see how you talk about your resin pieces and how they are lightweight and that you can duplicate most anything. I would like to challenge you to make my girlfriend the perfect Valentine's Day gift. You see, I want to have her move in with me and would like to ask her on Valentine's Day. I want to give her a key to my house and was wondering if you could possible think up something to show her how much I want to move our relationship up to the next level. Please contact me if you are at all interested in creating something special for her. 

Well, I was awestruck! Someone wanted ME to make something special for them? I did reread the message a couple of times to make sure he was really wanted ME to make something. Well, of course I replied (maybe too quickly, I might have sounded a bit anxious, LOL) and we chatted back and forth a bit. I asked him what he wanted and he had no idea. He was leaving that up to me! I told him I would have something for him by the end of the following week because, seriously, I had no idea what I was going to make for her that would symbolize them moving in together. My brain was going to fry, but that's when inspiration hit me. Valentine's Day, house, key, lock... oh my, yes, I've got it.

With some of my skeleton keys and a lock I got from Jon's shop I created my molds with the Amazing Mold Putty and cast my pieces with Amazing Casting Resin and various Alumilite Metallic powders.

With some red wire, beads and heart rhinestones I created a lovely lightweight keychain he can put his own key on and give to her on Valentine's Day.

I sent him this picture of the keychain when it was done and did not hear from him. I did, however, see that he had read my fb message but didn't get a reply. I thought maybe I seemed too anxious and/or he didn't like what I created. Needless to say I was pretty bummed out, but I figured I could sell this piece at one of the craft shows I'll be doing this fall. About a week later he finally replied ... he was over the top with the how the keychain turned out but he was afraid to ask how much I was going to charge (since we didn't discuss price before hand) and that's why he didn't respond immediately to my message. ??? I told him the price and he replied and wanted to know where we could we meet to exchange gift for cash. We met and he told me that the picture absolutely did this piece NO justice. He LOVED it and couldn't wait to give it his girlfriend. Valentine's Day couldn't get here quick enough for him! He handed me the cash and an envelope and we said our goodbyes. When I got home I opened the envelope and in it was some more cash with a note that read... 

Dear Miss Burfeind, (Again I giggled)
Thank you for creating such a special piece for my girlfriend. This is extraordinary workmanship and imagination. I just wanted to give you a little extra because you did not charge enough for that piece. 
I hope to do business with you in the future! 

That made my day, week and year! I've been walking on cloud 9 ever since.

I hope you've enjoyed my inspirational LOVE post and would love to hear from you in the comments. Have you ever been commissioned to create a piece? How was that experience for you?

Until next time, happy crafting ~ Brenda
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  1. congrats on have a chance to make something special for a special moment. this came out great -

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  3. Thanks Maria, it was definitely an honor And I think it came out prefect!

  4. Brenda - how amazing is this! Thanks for sharing the story behind this one-of-a-kind creation... I'm in love with the keyhole, too! Great find!!!

  5. Thanks Susan, this was a definite favorite!

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