Monday, February 16

#Cre8time Wedding Table Decor Country Style...
by Brenda Burfeind

Hello crafters! Brenda here with Creativity is a State of Mind on a wonderful Mold Rubber Monday. I'm so excited to show you how to a simple yet stunning resemblance of the original.

Now some of you who know me, know that my son is getting married this fall. His fiance is a country girl by heart and she wants to incorporate "country meets city" into their wedding. She's asked me to give a few samples of table numbers and I've done so with a few items, but I think I finally hit the jackpot with this one. While on a junk-ing trip of late I found this piece of wood laying on the ground. I am always walking with my head down, not because I'm shy, but because I might find something interesting to play with. LOL And find I did.

Here is the little wooden stump I found. It's so cute. Only about an inch tall, but so much detail in this little guy. I even love the notch cut out of the side. Crazy that I am that excited about a piece of wood, huh? Well, it hit me that I could use this little guy to make table numbers. So I took him home...

...and hot glued him into a container.

I mixed up my Amazing Mold Rubber, (you can view a video tutorial on mixing instructions HERE), because I wanted the entire stump and the Amazing Mold Rubber picks up SOOOO much lovely detail. 

You can see how the hotglue keeps this little guy from floating up. It took about 18 hours to set up, but it will totally depends on where you live. Humidity and cold play a big factor in the setting up process {like the gals in humid South Florida have it set up in about 2 hours}. It's well worth the wait. 

After it was all set up I popped him out of the container. See, there's nothing left in the container either so I can reuse, reuse, and reuse the same container over and over again.

Then I popped that little guy out of the mold. You can see where some of the wood residue was left behind, but after a couple of castings you won't see that anymore. 

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the original stump,
(top) and the resin cast stump (bottom). 


I added the Alumilite African American Dye to the Amazing Casting Resin. You can see the instructions on how to prepare that HERE also. 

Isn't this just the perfect replica? Look at all that detail
I'm so in love with this little guy!

After drilling a hole into the middle of the stump I added a wire with E6000. Cut a piece of cardstock and embossed it. I added a number to the front and there you have a "country style" table number. I may even add something to that little notch cut out on the side.

What WOOD you mold in

I hope you've enjoyed my Mold Rubber Monday tutorial and would love it if you left a comment telling me what "FIND" you would mold. If you've used the Amazing Mold Rubber, please leave me a link so I can come and check out your project. I love sharing and would love it if you shared with me!

Until next time, happy "finding" ~ Brenda

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