Friday, January 30

Just add a Little #Cre8time Magic... DIY Resin Pendant tutorial by Isabel Villarreal

Hi there this is Isabel and I'll be sharing how to make a pendant with glitter and beading wire. Just a few simple steps can lead to amazing results. You'll need only a few supplies that are easily found in craft stores and if you're a maker, you probably already have them in your crafting stash.

Begin with some wire, some jewelry pliers and a pendant bezel.
This bezel is from the Bottle Cap Company.

You will also need a little bit of magic (glitter), some Amazing Clear Cast Resin, and I threw in some Alumilite Dyes for resin just make it interesting.

Fill the bezel with your choice of glitter. Glitter comes in so many twinkly shapes and sizes. I confess – I'm a bit of a glitter freak so I have a box-load of glitters to choose from. For this part of the project I used regular nail glitter that you can get in small jars at a beauty supply store. I used just enough glitter to cover the bottom of the bezel then poured a small amount of Amazing Clear Cast Resin on top to keep it in place. This is to make your background, so keep the layer thin if your bezel is shallow.

While the resin and glitter were curing, I used my round nosed pliers to bend a piece of wire into a ring and then made a free flowing organic shape with the two ends. I just played around with the wire until I came up with a shape that I liked. This picture shows a few different wire styles.

Use scotch tape or packing tape on the back of the wire design. The tape will stick to one side of the design, creating a seal. I mixed up a little more Amazing Clear Cast Resin and poured it into 3 separate mixing cups {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. I added Alumilite White Dye to one and Blue Dye to the another and threw in some super fine iridescent glitter. The third batch of resin was left clear, but I still added a little super fine glitter to that. This is a small design so I carefully dropped resin into each shape using a tooth pick and let them cure. 

Since the resin layers were so thin they set fairly quickly – so I folded my wire piece, bending the shape over the ring. I didn't flatten the wire completely so that it would have some dimension.

The last step is to pour a little more Amazing Clear Cast Resin into the bezel to top it off. After it cured I poured a second layer of resin to cover the wire. You can see here that the wire and resin have created a dome to give the pendant dimension.

This is the finished piece. The wire and glitzy resin sort of give the look of a cloisonne piece. And you can really see the three different resin colors I used to make this. 

What will you create with

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