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Rollin'... Rollin... Rollin... down the Aisle for a Junkyard Wedding by Brenda Burfeind

Good day crafters! Brenda here from Creativity is a State of Mind with a unique take for a wedding. My son announced he was getting married right before Thanksgiving and I couldn't be happier for him! His finance is a wonderful gal and very down to earth. I've been playing around with a few projects since they announced their plans and I came up with this fun theme. But first a little bit of background on my soon to be DIL so you understand why I made what I did. She grew up in rural Minnesota with her parents and her older brother. Their parents own a junkyard and live very simple lives. LOVE it! I wanted to incorporate some of her growing up in this project and here we go. 

A while ago we were sorting out some of the kids' toys and I came across this tire. Not sure where it belonged to, but of course the hoarder I am I couldn't throw it away. I had it in my stash and all of a sudden it hit me. Mold it with Amazing Mold Rubber of course. I wasn't sure if it would work but I began to experiment. I added some bubble wrap to the inside of the tire and hot glued it into my plastic dish. Next I mixed up my Amazing Mold Rubber and you can see mixing instructions here. My plastic dish had a tiny hole in it so I added some duck tape to keep the mold rubber from flowing out.

I let it set up for about 12 hours and checked to see if it was hard yet.

This came out fantastic. Even better than I had hoped for.
The plastic bubble wrap even came out whole. 

Next I mixed up my Alumilite Black Dye with the Amazing Casting Resin Part "A", making sure to mix very thoroughly. Then I poured in my Part "B" and mixed again.

My tire came out AMAZING!!!  You can see the molded tire on the left and the original on the right. I could have used more Black Dye – but I'm okay with this since this is just a prototype anyway. 

Then I had these cute little pails left over from my daughter's wedding. I painted it blue and orange (as of right now that's the color scheme). I hot glued the pail onto the tire and and added some flowers that I made from this mold below using Amazing Mold Putty. You can see a previous project I made with this mold here.

This time, however, I mixed the Alumilite Flo Orange Dye into my Amazing Casting Resin rather than dusting the flowers with the Alumidusts. I just wanted a deeper and richer color and the dyes really give you that. I washed some blue acrylic paint over the orange flowers and love the effect. 

I hot glued some nesting as grass and a foam #1 sticker as the table marker. 

Now I am not sure if we will be going with this theme but I do love the idea. 

What custom table decor will you
mold and shape for your wedding?

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope I've inspired you to use something out of the ordinary to compliment a party you might be hosting.

Until next time, happy crafting ~ Brenda
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