Monday, January 26

#Cre8time Double Duty COOL TOOLS for Arting...
by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Welcome to another Mold Rubber MondaySusan here to share some molding and casting techniques to make yourself some Cre8time tools for mixed media using Amazing Mold Rubber... to give me thin resin shapes or layers for embedding in my mixed media creations.

Remember Lonnie's post from a couple weeks back where he shared how to make DIY colored resin sheets/film for arting?? Well - that set me off running on a tangent while I was preparing things to demo using Amazing Mold Rubber at the Winter 2015 Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show. Thanks to Lyneen Jesse for catching a quick glimpse of us in action amongst all the hustle and bustle.

Amazing Mold Rubber is available at Hobby Lobby and Micheals Stores, other retail locations and also at the website – so please feel free to search our archives and get inspired and excited about mold-making and casting... and MORE! 

Amazing Mold Rubber is an easy to use, high strength liquid silicone mold making rubber that is strong, soft and flexible - great for undercut parts and cures in approx. four hours. Amazing Mold Rubber is a two-part liquid rubber used to make extremely elastic molds to produce quick and exact reproductions of your original. Replicas can then be cast in Amazing Casting ResinAmazing Clear Cast Resin for plastic parts - or use other materials such as plaster, wax, clay or polyester... and that's just the beginning to all the fabulous uses just waiting to be discovered!

What I did... I made a double duty
Amazing No-Gelatin Printing Plate!

Started with using some recycled packaging courtesy of Ranger
as a mold box and a transporter for my new tool.

I spray mounted the base of the container and placed in varyied sizes of microscope slides {you know you all are hoarding these too} and small glass tiles. I had some empty space, so a cut up wooden stir stick as well.

Filled in with about a 1/2" of Amazing Mold Rubber and when cured I will have a monoprinting slab on the top... AND...

...perfect pristine molded glass slide voids on the other!

Perfect for creating 1/16" tiles or thin resin sheets and layering items for embedding.

I had fun experimenting with this double duty COOL TOOL that has another AMAZING No-Gelatin Rubber Plate on the other side. The glossy detail of the glass slides has been captured beautifully and transfer perfectly to the clear resin pour! I gave a few of my examples away at CHA and I'm looking forward to see what crafty goodness comes of them.

What items would you love to cast

Please leave a comment below to share your ideas -or- please, ask us questions! If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here -or- check out more videos on my YouTube channel here. ~ Susan

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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