Friday, January 23

AMAZING #Cre8time Home Decor Plaques...
by Lonnie Sexton

I have been wanting to experiment with resin plaques. One of the reasons was to make an address plaque for my house that lights up at night. Creating a permanent rubber mold really wasn't necessary because I am only going to cast one finished project. Amazing Remelt is great for these one off casting projects. Enter the newest molding product from Amazing Casting Products – Amazing Remelt! Amazing Remelt is a gelatin-like molding product that is heat activated and reusable. It's liquefied by heating to above 120º F and solidifies by cooling off.

I have learned through a bit of a learning curve that some typical molding methods don't work with Amazing Remelt. Due to the heat of the liquefied Remelt, materials like modeling clay, hot glue, cell foam, foam and polystyrene are not good candidates for creating a master to then mold with Amazing Remelt. Nevertheless - this product is one step and easy to use. CLICK HERE to view preparation.

Using a solar yard light, Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Amazing Remelt, I created this custom address plaque. Hope it inspires you to make your own plaques.

What would you cast in Amazing Remelt
to update an area of your home decor?

Thank you for joining in and come back soon for more exciting projects

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