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#Cre8time FAUX Film... AMAZING #DIY Colored Casting Layers by Lonnie Sexton

It preparation for another project I needed some thin colored layers to insert in and on clear cast. I found some transfer filter film but the cost per sheet doesn't really justify cutting it into pieces and it's flimsy. I remembered pouring left over Amazing Clear Cast Resin on wax paper. It ran out thin and created a thin layer of casting 'film' when cured. This film can be used in other casting projects to created the desired effect, shape, design, lettering, etc. 


  • Create a Clay Barrier 
  • Prep a level work area 
  • Mix, Pour and Leveling 
  • Cutting, shaping, etc. 
  • Uses 

Clay Barrier

Roll the modeling clay to aproximately 1/8" inch thick.

Cut the clay into strips.


Place the strips on wax paper and press lightly together at the seams.

Prep a Level Work Area

Using a bubble level straight edge, make sure you have a sturdy level surface to work on. I'm using a 24 inch x 24 inch painted board. Make sure its level in both directions near perfect to ensure the film is uniform thickness.


Mix, Pour, Leveling

Apply mold release to the clay edges. Pour and separate parts each of "A" and "B" for preparing three (3) batches of Amazing Clear Cast Resin. To view mixing and preparation please CLICK HERE.

Add to each part "A" the desired amount of Alumilite Dye. Mix the color darker as spreading it thin with lighten the cured product.

Pour out approximately half of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin batch into each section. Tilt the work surface in all directions to cover the entire surface. Add more resin as needed. Be careful not to over tilt and/or over fill. The layers should be from 1/32" in to 1/16" thick. Let Cure.

Cutting and Shaping

After the casting is cured the thin layers can be cut into shapes using medium duty scissors or craft knife. It will also be pliable depending on how thick is was poured. 


These thin colored film layers can be used in other casting projects or crafting experience. Unlike plastic film, colored casting layers will adhere perfectly inside other casting projects. They are a little more ridged so the weight of the fresh Amazing Clear Cast Resin will not wrinkle or distort the patterns/shapes you are casting.

Colored Casting Layer Project


In revisiting an ongoing project, I created some shapes from the 3 casting layers.

How awesome will this look lit up???

Thank you for joining in. Come back for more exciting projects

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  1. Totally EXCELLENT Lonnie! I'm so excited to make a rainbow colored stash of resin sheets... oh the possibilities!!!

  2. As usual, your projects give me so many ideas, Lonnie!!


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