Thursday, January 22

Don't have it? Make it! #Cre8time Inspiration with Aimée Wheaton

Often times doing mixed media you are looking for a unique item to include in a piece, something that set it off. Usually you end up searching your local craft store for something but then realize that you don't want to use something mass produced. I know that's what happens to me and it gets frustrating but then the wheels start turning. You can do so many things with you imagination and the right products to make it come alive! That is what I'll be showing in this posting, making something out of nothing! All you need is your imagination, bits and pieces of junk and a glue gun to start.

I started digging through my junk drawer and found a piece of plastic that came on one of the pendant lamps we purchased for our dining room. It should have been tossed but it ended up being put in the junk drawer somehow. It is the perfect start to making a one of a kind embellishment.

See it's just a piece of junk with writing on it. We'll cover up the writing with glue and add embellishments and then mold what we created using Amazing Mold Putty and then Amazing Casting Resin. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation for Amazing Mold Putty and CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation for Amazing Casting Resin.

I decided to make a steam punk embellishment using watch parts. Once cast this could be turned into a donut pendant, embellishment on art and more!

Here it is freshly cast and painted with acrylic paint.
I can see so many ideas with this one casting!

Add some Alumilite Metallic Powders and it looks even cooler!

Here are 2 embellishments I created by mixing various things. The heart was a generic heart magnet I found cheap and added swirls with hot glue and then cast. The "Mickey" head was created by hot gluing 3 different beads together – it's kind of a grungy Mickey that I could use anywhere. I am going to glue it onto a custom frame I'm making. The ideas are endless... make something out of clay and cast it! Find junk around the house like I did. I'd love to see some custom embellishments you've created using Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this! :) Thank you for reading!

Let's see what you can create
with items around the house

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