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#Cre8time Wedding Favors... Transform a Glass Bowl into a Candle Holder by Maria Soto

Hi there, this is Maria and I hope that this post inspires you to try these amazing products if you haven't already. We had a wedding in our family last weekend. My baby sister got married and well she's pretty crafty herself and decided to do as much as she could on her own. I wanted to make all her wedding favors to which she agreed.

I had to make 200 favors and I didn't like the idea of making all the favors the same, so I made some choices. I decided to add some glass items and candle holders sounded like a good idea, I got the glass marbles and the tea lights but I thought it would be more fun to transform the glass bowls into a candle holder by using resin.

Simple and pretty – I figured adding some of the Alumilite Silver Metallic Powder would be perfect since gray/silver is one of the wedding colors. I etched some designs on the glass bowls first, to add some pretty decorations, and to play off the light effects.

I remembered from a prior project in working with resin and glass, that resin gets hot! Since I was going to pour into glass containers, I needed to pour resin in small amounts, letting it cure over night, before adding another layer. It did take a few nights to finish these, but I love the finished look. 

A long time ago I made a some floating candle holders using Amazing Casting Resin and a mold of a tea light. It was the perfect mold to use again for this project! One thing I've learned in the time I've been working with these amazing products, is that making molds of interesting objects can come in handy in the future... you never know what your are going to make or need. 

Let me share with you the process to transforming
a simple glass bowl into an actual candle holder.

First here is a list of the products I used:

To get ready, I gathered my plastic cups, measuring cups, stirring sticks and my resin. The glass containers were all ready for the resin.

Amazing Clear Cast Resin takes a while to cure, so I decided to mix two ounces of each part of resin. This product is very easy to use – you just need to make sure to measure equal amounts of each part "A" & part "B". CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation. If you chose to add color to the resin, make sure to mix it into part "A" very well, then combine with part "B" and mix it a bit more {slowly so you don't create too many bubbles}. Then let resin rest for 5-10 minutes to let bubbles escape. In this case, the bubbles would have just added more interest to these items.

With the resin and Alumilite Metallic Powder mixed, I poured it back into a clean 1 oz measuring cup – just so it could be poured easier into the glass bowl and allowing me to add equal amounts to each bowl. Since I only had one tea light mold, I worked on finishing one bowl at a time. It did take me a few days to finish these because I only had one mold to use. This was not really an issue, since I had so many other types of favors to work on... so no time was wasted at all. I slept so little last month – it was crafting night after night, but I had fun!

Resin getting poured into the glass bowls, little by little. 

Bowl with resin, waiting for it to cure over night.

This is the first bowl, after one pour – ready for a little
bit more resin, and the final pour with the mold.


Here you can see the different views – I really like the silver color. 

A funny thing happened! I guess after all the lack of sleep for weeks... I went to mix resin for the last bowl, and it looked different to me. I looked at the bottles of resin and realized I had mixed and poured Amazing Casting Resin. This resin get hotter as it cures, and I was afraid it would break the glass bowl. I poured it into the bowl, and it all went well.  It was done in minutes! I guess I didn't add enough metallic powder, because this resin cures an opaque white... no big deal, it blended nice with the tea light.

Finally the fourth night, all bowls were done and all ready to be displayed at the wedding. I ended up with three different bowls; one only had resin added as a base, glass stones were added and a tea light was placed in the middle. Now that Amazing Clear Cast Resin is FDA Compliant {meaning it's food safe}, I could fill this with candies or other treats.

Here you can see how the tea light mold made it possible for the tea light to sit safely inside these two glass bowls – keeping it in place and making it safe to light it.

Here is another bowl – I added a little bit of red
to the hearts etched onto the glass.

The last candle holder made using the Amazing Casting Resin. I frosted the glass on the outside to work perfectly with the color of the resin and the candle.

Here is a side view of the candle – the silver frosted glass
and the white resin just worked great together!

It was so much fun to create this wedding favors... all different and unique. My sister loved them and they were a hit at the wedding!

I hope that I have inspired you to look at these Amazing Casting Products and find a way to not only create something new – but use them to transform an existing item into something new and different.

How would you use these amazing products
to create custom items for your event? 

Share your projects with us, we love to see what
everyone creates with Amazing Casting Products.

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  1. That’s an amazing idea! I loved this tutorial. I would definitely try making this glass candle bowl. Well, I saw beautiful candle holders in several Las Vegas Weddings but I never knew it’s so easy to make this. Thanks for the tutorial!


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