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Books Books Everywhere! Resin Paper Inspiration with DeeDee Catron

Hi hi hihihihihihihii!! DeeDee here today with a SUPER fab little inspiration bit with the Amazing Clear Cast Resin from Amazing Crafting Products

Now I wrote this post earlier last week, and it disappeared, so I'm gonna give it a go again, and maybe not forget anything ;P. 

When I wrote the post last week, I also sneak peeked on Instagram (@deedeecatron) this photo : 

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Which happens to be some old book text curing in Amazing Clear Cast Resin! It's so amazing... and I'm really just here to INSPIRE you today, not /teach/ or give a tutorial -- but I want to at least give you a little run down as far as PREPPING for creating resin paper. 

WAIT >> What IS resin paper you ask? WELL >> it's any type of fibrous paper that's been cured in clear resin! You could get really cool with it and do old newspapers, worldly texts, vintage books and more. you can also draw and stamp on the paper and then cure it. In my case, I chose bits n pieces from a vintage botany book. I love nature :). 

You  need a SMOOTH non stick surface that the resin will peel from. Think things like long glass casserole dishes, old plastic packaging, etc. Just keep in mind the resin has to peel from it once it's cured. I also highlight the word smooth because most teflon and non stick surfaces have a texture, and that may be great in some uses for your resin paper, but you'll want MOST to be smooth. Do any drawing, stamping, and other prepping you want on the paper. Use permanent, waterproof supplies. Then lay the paper on your non stick surface. Mix equal parts of Amazing Clear Cast Resin. Mix 1/2 as much as you think you need. Really. Then lay your paper on the nonstick surface, and begin coating. Pour a little bit of resin at a time and smooth out with a spatula, old credit card, or wedge tool. At this point you are basically working the resin into the paper and scraping the excess off. Because Clear Cast has a long cure time, you have plenty of time to work on this part. 


Once you've got the first side of the paper thoroughly saturated, you'll want to flip it over and coat the other side. At this point, it will be a bit of experimentation on your part. Practice and play around with exactly how much resin you want to leave on your paper. Keep in mind it's fluid and as long as you're working on a level surface, it will level itself out. I went very thin on these botany pages, but you may want a bit thicker paper for some reason. 

Allow the resin to cure, then peel your new resin cured paper from your non stick surface! 

Here are a coupe of pages I cured with Amazing Clear Cast Resin

You can see that the paper becomes sort of translucent and whatever is on the backside shows through to the front, and vice versa. It's a very cool technique that can really be utilized creatively. Also you may notice the clear resin edges I seem to have on some of the paper, I really like the way those look, but you can always just trim them off. The resin is so thin at the edges, you'll be able to use almost any pair of scissors. 

Here's a great closeup with the camera angled one way.

And one with the camera angled the opposite way so you
can see the glorious sheen from the cured Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

And HERE is how I'm using my Resin Paper.

>> It's a WIP of an Art Journal page currently in production. I'm very excited to continue working on it, and can't wait to show you the finished results. But for now, I wet your palate with this. I've used the resin paper, and you can see some of the great floral illustrations from my botany book!, as an inserted piece of ephemera. It's got this beautiful glossy sheen that book paper would never have on its own, AND it's so STURDY. You can see the delicious colored pigments behind it, and nothing is lost from the page itself. SO.AWESOME.

Anyways >> that's it from me folks! 

How might you use Resin Paper?

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  1. What a fun technique and great way to preserve a tidbit from any book!


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