Thursday, January 8

Encapsulated Colors Run WILD... Mixed Media INSPIRATION by Rachel Whetzel

Hey, AMAZING gang!! Rachel Whetzel, here! Recently, I was deciding on what to create for the prompt this month, at Gauche Alchemy. As usual, I had an idea, and knew the direction I would like to go, but there was still something (that I couldn't put my finger on) that hadn't fallen into place. 

Then, while I was obsessively refreshing on Facebook, I saw some art work of Mehriban Semenova's and all of the pieces fell into place!! Taking inspiration from her work, I created my own piece of art for the prompt at Gauche. Later this month, the piece I created will be shared in it's entirety on the Gauche Alchemy website! 

There's nothing as pretty as the smooth, glassy finish
of Amazing Clear Cast Resin over the top of a piece of artwork.

Is there an artist inspiring YOU these days? 

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