Wednesday, January 21

Fabulous FAUX Dichroic Glass Hair Baubles...
by Tanya Ruffin

This project is so easy. I used some Stampendous Pearlized Mica Fragments, Alumilite Black Resin Dye and Amazing Clear Cast Resin. It was so much fun that I made several other styles of hair ties which I will also explain below.

But first, the di-faux-roic piece...

I used a silicone pan with 2 inch discs (found on Amazon) and poured a small layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.


I then sprinkled with some Pearlized Mica Fragments. 

Another small layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin will seal the fragments. This is to keep the next layer of  black resin from seeping under the fragments. It must be a very thin layer or the illusion of Dichroic glass is lost.

When that cured, I filled the rest of the reservoir with more Amazing Clear Cast Resin and a few drops of Alumilite Black Dye. Mix a small amount of dye with part "A" of the Clear Cast Resin, then add part "B" and pour into on top. I have premixed the resin with black dye and have poured clear and then mixed in the black dye. Both methods seem to work pretty well. 

When piece is completely cured, E6000 works best to glue on the hair band.

Allow the E6000 ample time to cure. 

Other hair tie ideas...

These small doilies I found in the $1 section at Michael's – they came 6 on a sheet. I always put a layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin on these first, let cure, then place the items in the circle mold.

Mardi Gras is coming soon – so here is one with beads.

If your top layer gets scuffed – use a q-tip to apply some
Amazing Clear Cast Resin and will fix it right up!

What kind of baubles will you embed in resin?

Craft Your Own Way! ~ Tanya

Tanya Ruffin with Create Studios

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