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#Cre8time Makes in Every Color of the Rainbow... AMAZING Inspiration from Featured Artist Lara Hjorthoy

Hello Fellow Artists! Well, I'm wrapping up this month as your Featured Artist and above all, I'd like to say "Thanks!" Not just to Amazing Casting Products for giving me this exceptionally cool experience and for a chance to share my monsters and creations with all of you... but to you all as well for following along!

I've met a number of new friends and artists on Facebook and Instagram and look forward to a continued relationship, learning new things from all of your own inspirations and projects!

So, "Thank you!"

My last post this week, is an inspiration post and honestly, it was hard to choose what I would showcase! I've had SOOOOOO much inspiration using all these products and learning what they do, that my studio is overflowing! I know, I know, tough life! LOL!

What I thought I'd showcase today are some skulls. I give these little buggers away with every purchase from my etsy store – whether monster or print and up to now, these have all been hand painted white resin. I didn't know what else I could do with them!

But thanks to Amazing Casting Products, I've learned about dyes and metallic powders and colouring agents that can be used in all sorts of different ways.

As you can see from the picture, you can first mold the skulls using either the Amazing Mold Putty, or the Amazing Mold Rubber. I've got a set of both, and they are both equally strong and easy to use.
My first experiment was with the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and filling in the eyes of the skulls. I used in this picture, the clear cast resin, and a mix of red and yellow Alumilite Dye to colour it. These dyes are POWERFUL, and require very little and are intense beautiful colours. A set of Primary colours and you can make just about any colour combination you desire.

The white skull's eyes are the Amazing Clear Cast Resin, and the black skull is the same colour, but with a little added touch of Alumilite Pearlescent Metallic Powder. The photo doesn't show it well, sadly, but that SPARKLE! It's simply gorgeous! Adding the powder to the resin, had the added effect of really showcasing that beautiful red colour against the black. Each of the skulls were made using Amazing Casting Resin, original and dyed black.

The next set I'm showing here has a number of different combinations used! Each mold was painted with either the Alumilite Pearlescent Metallic Powder and the Bronze Metallic Powder, or with some combination of Silver Metallic Powder and Bronze. I experimented with Amazing Casting Resin and dyes and was able to create the beautiful green and purple you see in the picture. It's important to note that when using the Amazing Casting Resin with the dyes, the natural white cure of the resin, will additionally colour the resin, creating a lighter more pastel version of the dye combination you made.

I also just used solid Metallic Powder painted into the molds
to create these beautiful solid silver and bronze skulls.

These are again combinations of Metallic Powder and dyes, here I've used Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Pearlescent Metallic Powder for the red skull. Yellow and blue Alumilite Dyes used with Amazing Casting Resin, again the white cure of the resin allowed the lighter more pastel colour to shine through and I used up the last of my black dyed resin in the eyes of the yellow skull.

This is a great way to use up the last of resin you may have in cups from other projects on the go and a fun additional gift included with purchases made in your own stores!

Once again, Thank you to Amazing Casting Products for this exceptionally fun month of learning and experiments using their fantastic array of products. And to all of you for following along!

Keep in touch and follow along during my day-to-day creations at @auntyluluscolours on Instagram and at my own Blog at

Stay Inspired Friends,

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I'm Lara Hjorthoy (your-toy), from Vancouver, Canada. I'm an Illustrator, Sculptor, and Makeup Artist! Also work part-time as a retail sales clerk for Opus Art Supplies, on beautiful Granville Island.

After a life long addiction to drawing and art, I spent a year in beauty and special FX makeup school and solidified another great love... sculpture... and zombies!

Now I spend my time, sculpting and molding cute creatures of all kinds, (available for sale at my Etsy Shop:, painting calm and whimsical worlds and occasionally creating zombie madness! Learning resin and mold making is taking all these worlds to whole new levels!! You can check out my works and Blog at or my day to day art stuff at

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Thanks so much for dropping by today as we wrap up this month with some amazing inspiration! We would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Lara Hjorthoy for sharing her amazing creative talents with us. We hope you enjoyed the work and inspiration from Lara... I know we certainly have!  CLICK HERE to head on over to Lara's Blog to see more of her fabulous work, or pop over to her feed on Instagram to catch her latest creations and sneak peeks of what she's working on!

Have a fabulous day! :) Sb

Thursday, January 28, 2016

#Cre8time Jewelry Making... AMAZING Hose Clamp Charms by Tanya Ruffin

What do you get when you cross some hose clamps from the dollar store, a clip from a mini clipboard and Amazing Clear Cast Resin??!


Get a variety pack of hose clamps for one buck...

Duct tape... yes, all I had was some zebra tape from the dollar store. You could use packing tape but I left mine in the car and the cold zapped the sticky off it.

Wrap the hose clamp with tape and burnish down. The edges have openings so you want to make sure to cover/seal them all up! Wherever resin can seep in, it will!

Mix up a batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and let rest for 5 minutes to let bubbles escape; then pour into charms {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. After experimenting I discovered that the view-able side would be the top – so you may want to do a little planning and layer your embellishments accordingly. Keep the tape on until the end after resin has fully cured.

I found this rhinestone edging at Micheal's and used
it around the outside edge of the larger hose clamps.

Finished charm with rhinestone edge.

I threaded wire through the top of the hose clamp and twisted to make a bail.

I used the mini clip to hold one of the charms instead of making a bail.
Love this for an industrial look!

What cool hardware would you transform
into charms and pendants?

Craft Your Own Way!

Please visit my site to see more of my inspiring creations at

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Custom #Cre8time Embellishments for #MixedMedia Tapestry... by Melissa Johnson

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing another simple way to use Amazing Casting Resin in a textile project... you may recognize a couple of these buttons from my previous project {CLICK HERE in case you missed it}.

I used Amazing Mold Putty to form a mold of the buttons. I learned a neat trick at CHA when making these small detailed molds. It helps to slightly flatten out the base in the center so it lays nice and flat {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}.

Once the molds cured (about 5 mins), I released the buttons from them and mixed up some Amazing Casting Resin to fill the mold {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}.

I let the resin cure for about 10 minutes before releasing them from the molds. Then I added some clear gesso to each piece and painted them with acrylic paint. I also added some Alumilite Gold Metallic powder on top. 

And the finished product – added to some layers of fabric
that I'm adding to a mixed media art tapestry...

How do you embellish your handmade creations?

Make something that makes you happy :) ~ Melissa Johnson
For more of my mixed media projects, please visit my blog.

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