Thursday, October 20

#Cre8time Pocket Art... Upcycled Dollar Store Mirror by Tanya Ruffin

Resin Embellished Compact

I started off with a Dollar Tree compact... and it actually came with a large hand mirror, so it was cheaper than a dollar!

This is a fairly quick and cheap way to jazz up a compact. I plan on doing a similar effect with the large mirror and this was my successful test!

Open the mirror up and lay it flat (mirror side down) on a non stick surface. Pour some Amazing Clear Cast Resin on the surface making sure that it doesn't drip off the edge. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

Gather your powders. I chose several colors of Alumidust.

Sprinkle several colors of Alumidust. I placed a small amount on the end of a craft stick and tapped the stick till the powder lightly fell onto the surface.

Using a stick ( I had a chop stick), I swirled
the powders to make a faux marbled look. 

Let cure. Keep checking to make sure the resin doesn't drip
into the hinge. If it does, you can clean up with a craft knife.


My mold is made from the face of an egret cameo pressed into a ball of Amazing Mold Putty. I dusted the inside of the design with more Alumidust. I tinted my Amazing Casting Resin (is opaque white, not clear) with yellow dye and poured. Love how the relief POPs!

I embellished with some stringed beads using E6000. I dripped a little Amazing Clear Cast Resin to further secure the beads and to finish the look. This will keep the beads from getting knocked off inside a purse!

TADA! This dollar store find jazzed up looks so amazing!

How would you customize your
pocket mirror into ART?

Go Craft Your Own Way!

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Today we are hopping along with the artists of the Designer Crafts Connection who has taken on the challenge of creating with Amazing Casting Products.

For this challenge, Amazing Casting Products provided each of the Designer Craft Connection designers with Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Clear Cast Resin. You want to pop over to the beginning of the bloghop HERE where you can enter to win what you see in the photo above... an Amazing Clear Cast Resin and a 3lb. kit of Amazing Mold Putty {which is 1 1/2 lbs of each part of this magical goodness}. An artist's dream PRIZE!!!

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