Friday, June 21

Summer Treats... AMAZING Altered Paperclip
Tutorial by Isabel Villarreal

Who doesn't like a cool tasty summer treat?

These delicious altered paperclips hold your papers and even work as bookmarks. Attach a magnet to the back and use them to hold your fridge pics or display your little artist's latest masterpiece. Hi, this is Isabel and I'd love to show you how to make these cool clips in a few easy steps with Amazing Crafting Products.


My goal was to make something to celebrate the bright sunny days of summer and I wanted to cast something cute and bright since I plan to use these clips for EVERYTHING and I'll be looking at them a lot. These cute erasers came in a set of various desserts, but these two were my favorites. First, I coated the eraser with Mold Release (Vaseline also works) and set it aside while I prepared the Amazing Mold Putty, using equal parts of "A" & "B" and mixing them until I got an even yellow color. Be sure to use an amount that is about twice the size of the object you're molding. Once the mold putty was mixed, I pressed the eraser into the center. The eraser is 3 dimensional and I wanted the back to be flat so I pressed it only halfway into the mold putty.

Amazing Mold Putty sets in about 10 minutes so while it was setting I repeated the steps above for the second eraser. Once I had the 2 completed molds I mixed some Amazing Casting Resin using equal parts "A" & "B", then stirring slowly. The mixture will look milky at first, so keep stirring until it's clear. This happens pretty quickly, so keep an eye on it as you stir. Pour the resin into the molds. I made enough to fill both molds at the same time. 

Once the pieces were cast I jazzed them up with some bright summer colors and added some details. I tried a few different ways to paint them, but found that for this purpose markers worked best. Of course, you can use acrylics and other types of paint to get the effect you want. The painted pieces were then lightly coated with clear enamel spray paint and left to dry for about 30 minutes.

While the enamel dried I worked on the background. Brightly colored card stock and a large paper punch made it quick and easy. I used Mod Podge to layer and seal the paper shapes before coating them with a thin layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin. The Clear Cast resin will give the paper some thickness and make a nice base to support the cast pieces. Pour the Clear Cast resin onto the center of the paper background and spread it toward the edges with a wooden stick or a throw-away brush.

After an hour I placed my cast pieces on the coated paper and once again coated the entire thing in another layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin, leaving it to dry overnight.

Attach the finished pieces onto super jumbo paper clips using a hot glue gun or 2 part epoxy. To use on your fridge just attach a small round magnet to the back of the resin piece and use the paper clip to hold your treasures. Ice cream treats and long lazy summer days just go together perfectly and these clips really capture the best part of the summer season. Make these clips personal by casting items that remind you of your favorite things.

What part of the summer season
will your altered clips celebrate???

I'd love to see what you create - please share your creations


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  1. These are just so fun and look good enough to eat! I can't wait to see them in person :)


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