Monday, June 24

AMAZING Emergency Gifts... Three-Horses Resin ATCs by Sandra Strait

I saw it coming.  I thought I'd planned for it. 

My mother turns 90 (will have, by the time this is posted) and to celebrate we're having a family reunion.  Relatives will be coming in from England and Australia, and even from the far, far reaches of Florida, U.S.A.!  We've done this before, and the tradition is to exchange small birthday gifts with everybody, no matter when their birthday falls.

So I've been working on gifts for quite a while.  I knew that someone unexpected would decide to show up at the last minute, and I made extra gifts. But. I didn't make enough, dad-rat it! A recent marriage and a new girlfriend with a child, left me short-handed.

Well, you may not think of Amazing Casting Resin as being quick and easy, but it is, and I was able to make up my shortfall in under an hour!

Supplies: Amazing Mold PuttyAmazing Casting ResinAlumilite Metallic Powders-Copper and Silver, ATC sized Illustration Board, Micro Marbles, Drywall Tape, Scissors, E6000 Adhesive

NOTE: For both written and video instructions showing how to create Amazing Mold Putty molds, and cast resin objects, please visit the Amazing Crafting Products library.

The Molds
Amazing Mold Putty comes in two parts, Part "A", which is a white putty, and Part "B", which is yellow putty. You mix equal amounts of both, until the whole thing is yellow, then press it flat and wrap it over the object to be cast.  The whole routine takes about 10-15 minutes.

I took an ATC-sized piece of illustration board and made an ATC card base mold with it.  Then I drew a funky horse on the board and covered it with drywall tape. I cut the horse out and used it for the second mold.

Amazing Casting Resin also has a Part "A" and Part "B", only in liquid form. You pour Part "A" into one measuring cup, pour an equal amount of Part "B" into another cup, and then pour them together and stir. The resin sets fairly quickly, so you stir a few seconds until all the swirls are gone and then pour the resin into the mold. After 5-10 minutes the piece turns white and can be removed from the mold.

It is still soft at this time and can easily be trimmed. If I need to sand, I usually wait a few hours until the resin gets harder.

This time, before pouring the resin, I poured Micro Marbles into both molds.

Once set, the white of the resin mutes the Micro Marbles colors. The finished pieces remind me of candy, like the taffy or pressed coconut bars I ate as a child.

I poured and popped out my horses as quickly as possible, using a different color of Micro Marbles for three of them. Then I switched to Alumilite Metallic Powders, making a copper and a silver horse. I didn't add any color for the last horse, just let it pick up left over color from the mold.

I took one of the three Micro Marbles horses and glued it to one of the ATCs with the E6000.  Then I glued another Micro Marble horse to the first one, and another to the second one.

I repeated the process with the metallic powder horses, using a different layout for them.

The person who will be getting these lives on Little Horse Creek road and trades ATCS, so I think she'll like them!

The next time I use Micro Marbles I'll try them with Amazing Clear Cast Resin and see if I can keep the brilliant color, though I do like these candy colors too!

For more of my work in Amazing Mold PuttyZentangle®-Inspired art, and daily links to tangles, tutorials, and giveaways please visit my "Life Imitates Doodles" blog.
~ Sandra Strait



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