Monday, June 24

Sandra Strait... GUEST DESIGNER Spotlight

Today we feature Sandra - who continues to suprise me with each and every project she creates using Amazing Crafting Products... she EVEN uses her resin spills in creative and AMAZING ways. I have been a fan of Sandra for quite some time and her Zentangle®-Inspired illustrations, and today we hope you will get to know her a little better, too!

To see more imaginatively transformed resin spills please click here.

A little bit about Sandra...

I’m younger than my years would indicate and I’ll never have a second childhood because I refuse to leave the first one. That’s why I spend most of my life playing with art journals, and Zentangle®-Inspired Artwork. When real life insists on intruding I’m taking care of my soon-to-be-90-year old mother, and trying to keep my husband happy. I’m unemployed but the funny thing about that is that I’m working harder than I ever have before. I just don’t get paid…and I enjoy it ever-so-much more!
Now some fun questions for inquiring minds....

Some fun questions for the inquiring minds...

What did you want to be when you grew up?

As far back as I can remember, people told me I was going to be an artist. I just always assumed I would be. And maybe a writer. If, you count blog-writing, I’m both now.

Coke or Pepsi?

Most definitely COKE!

If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt, what would it say?

Oh, that would change from day to day. Today, since I already said it, I’ll go with
“I’ll never have a second childhood because I refuse to leave the first one.”

What inspires you?

Inspires me in what way??? To be a hero? Very little. I don’t really believe in heroes, in the conventional sense. I believe everyone is a hero when they need to be. To do art? Everything. Shapes, lighting, texture. I’m always seeing things that I want to use in my work. 
To do housework? A big stick!!!!

What is the TOP thing to do on your "Bucket LIST"?

The only thing I have on my bucket list is to write a book. There’s nothing keeping me from it, but I just don’t do it. There’s something psychological going on there, LOL. 

If you could mold ANYTHING with Amazing Mold Putty, what would it be?

A printing plate for $10 bills? ‘Cause most people do $20s. Nah. It would be more work to print them than it was worth. If I could cast anything, it would be a life-size cast of a mastiff, in honor of my two late boys (mastiff boys). I know my husband would love that more than anything else in the world, so it would be a double pleasure.

What style of music gets your creative juices going?

I’m very eclectic in my musical tastes. For instance, some of my favorites are the version of Sympathy for the Devil by Jane's Addiction, La Lambada, Martha Triumphant (from Doctor Who), New Year’s Prayer, Waistband Dance, Hurt (Johnny Cash version), and anything from Porgy & Bess.

However, while music sometimes inspires me to draw, I have to turn the music off when I actually create. When I draw or write I find the piece has a rhythm that ebbs and flows. If the music doesn’t match the flow, it messes me up.

My hearing isn’t what it used to be, and one of my true sorrows is that I can’t enjoy music the way I used to.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed this peek inside Sandra's world. You can see more of Sandra's AMAZING work at her blog, Life Imitates Doodles.


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