Saturday, June 8

Oddly Inspired - Ear Plugs... by Lonnie Sexton

As a father of 2 teenage girls it’s not easy to accept the fashion choices that are “in” these days. I can chuckle at the irony that I sound like my parents did years ago when jokingly criticising the new generation. My girls started asking for piercings and tattoo’s at a young age. I held them off for as long as I could, but they finally got their way with piercings.

Against my begging plea’s my oldest daughter (17) gauged her ears too, at 1/2” diameter. She loves it as much or more as I find it morbid. I tease her often how it takes attention away from her pretty face as well as ask to hang my key chain from them at random. I was so resistant to this new age trend it was surprising to find inspiration and a flood of creativity when she asked me to make her some custom ear gauges. It wasn’t until the 1st few piece were cast I remembered my own “dislike” for the trend. I still get the creeps over it, but find an odd comfort in what I learned about over coming my personal opinions.

Solid Plug

Amazing Mold Putty plug mold with castings:


I tried the Alumilite Gun Metal metallic powder on the first casting.
It's been modified and molded again.

Gun Metal powder tunnel.


Modeled after Optimus Prime

Two-part Amazing Mold Putty with resin castings:
Plain White, Blue, and Black with Chrome powder mask.

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~ Lonnie Sexton

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  1. This is such a cool idea! Thanks for the post and yes, I am inspired!

  2. Super cool!! I don't get the whole plug thing either, to me they'll regret it years on and I have some large tattoos! LOL


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