Wednesday, June 19

An AMAZING and Inspiring Chunky Bauble...
{A Charming Necklace by DeeDee Catron}

Hi everyone - DeeDee here today! Sharing an inspiration post with you! 

{Click photo to see larger!}

I really love this piece because it's chunky, it's heavy, it makes a statement, it uses old found objects (yay for recycling) and it's STURDY! I knew I wanted the delicate feel of a light bulb, but I was nervous about it being too dainty and breaking. So I molded my bulb and cast it in Amazing Clear Cast Resin being sure to leave it for 24 hours, the recommended cure time. After de-molding I had a nice thick resin bulb that needed a final touch... so I embossed the back half of the bulb with a high metallic embossing powder giving it the illusion of having a metal connection area. For the back of the necklace  – holding onto that found rusty old piece of metal for quite some time and was ready to let it go! I punched a few holes in it, set some eyelets, and wound a piece of wire around my light bulb through two of the holes. Before securing everything down I strung a couple of pearls for some color! Easy Peasy right?? 

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