Friday, June 14

Blooms can Dangle, too... AMAZING Inspiration by Marilyn Weyman Kegg

Last summer, I attended an art retreat and took a class with Deryn Mentock, making Bloom Bangles to be added to a bracelet made in another class of hers. Each dangle we made was one loop or square of wire, hammered flat, then backed with a pretty paper, and coated with resin. 

I kept thinking, "What if the dangles really looked like blooms?"

When I came home, I started experimenting with shapes in wire. I used my painted dictionary papers to back the shapes I made and Amazing Clear Cast Resin from Alumilite Corporation to coat the papers. The resin makes the entire structure of the dangle stiffer, waterproof, and shiny. It is so easy to do!

Make your shape out of one piece of wire, ending with the loop on the top from which it will be hung on earrings as shown here, or on a bracelet, chain, or cord. Hammer the shape flat, being careful not to flatten your loop and wrap which would weaken the metal. Use a clear glue on the back of the flattened shape to attach the paper, then quickly paint the back with some Amazing Clear Cast Resin with a small disposable brush. **A TIP** Don't use a brush you like because you cannot clean the resin out of it. I use cheap brushes I buy at the craft store in the model-making department. Lay the shape on a teflon crafting sheet on a tray, then generously add Amazing Clear Cast Resin inside the wire shape until it is nearly overflowing. Set it aside and allow it to dry for 24 hours.

Once dry, any drips or overflow may be trimmed off with a pair of scissors or even a small file.

What shape would you make?

~ Marilyn Weyman Kegg for Amazing Crafting Products


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  1. lovely and creative earrings!!!

  2. These are really cute! I might try to do a cast of an old remote control! I have a really small one that would look great on a card! OOOOOOOOOOO! Glad you make me think about these things because I am thinking outside of the box more and more these days! Thanks for the inspiration!


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