Saturday, June 22

Mini Pinball Machine and Amazing Mold Lonnie Sexton

Hello everyone! Lonnie here with another 1:10 scale minature project I've been working on - and Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin helped make this come to life.



 This Assassin’s Creed theme Pinball machine was made from Basswood, Styrene, Brass and Plexi-Glass. The flipper arm rockers were made using Amazing Mold Putty and Casting Resin. I created design templates with artwork from UBI soft and deviant artist William Schoof.


Cut parts; Basswood and Plexiglass

Clamped for Assembly


Playing board rim outline

Assembly Progress

Design Templates Adobe Ill.CS5: Art work from UbiSoft and Deviant Artist William Schoof.

Playing board outline templates, Assembly progress.

Playing Board mini targets



Primary - Rocker Arms

I created the primary out of an ABS plastic servo arm, cut to shape. These rocker arms will attach to the bottom side of the flippers. The photo's shown below are out of sequence with the build photo's above. The arms were created previous to adding the graphics to the play board.


Amazing Mold Putty - Link

Amazing Casting Resin - Link

Mixing Cup - Link

Mixing Stick – Link

Mold Release -

Poster Board

Bottom side Amazing Casting Resin rocker arms

Return spring locations

Topside flippers connected to rocker arms.

Flipper action


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