Tuesday, June 4

Fondant and Gumpaste Tips with Amazing Mold Putty Molds... AMAZING Inspiration from Michelle Galpern

Good afternoon! Michelle here with a few tips and tricks to working with Amazing Mold Putty to get the best results within the edible medium of Fondant and Gumpaste.

Fondant and gumpaste usually release from Amazing Mold Putty without any powder or shortening. On very hot and humid days you may need to lightly dust with cornstarch or grease with shortening. The humidity makes the fondant and gumpaste sticky so a little releasing agent is helpful. On non-humid days they usually release without any problem and without a releasing agent.

The best way to take your fondant or gumpaste out of the mold is to roll it out. Turn your mold over and flex it so it rolls right out. This way you do not distort your design. Sometimes you do need to take a small toothpick or pallet knife to start the process by picking at one side especially with a lace mold. It should release quickly at that point.

If it still won’t release from your mold, try popping it in the freezer for 5 minutes and unmold right away before it has a chance to warm up. This is especially helpful for small and intricate details.

Try edible paints, markers, petal, and luster dusts to bring out all the highlights and details of your fondant and gumpaste molded pieces. Create beautiful edible metallic colors that really stand out by mixing silver or gold luster dust with vodka or clear vanilla extract and paint on.

What objects would you mold to create
embellishments in gumpaste???

Until next time, Keep life sweet!   ~ Michelle Galpern


  1. I love the suggestions. I just bought my first pkg and on a learning curve, I ruined my first mold, but I've been known to be a bit impatient :) I am making "jeweled embellishments" to use on napkin rings for a wedding reception Elaine

    1. Elaine - Great to hear about your project! Sorry about your first mold. Please peruse the archives here, there are lots of tips and tricks. Also, please review the short YouTube videos in the sidebar - these will help you get a perfect mold right out of the gate.
      :) Susan

    2. You will get it! I keep them if I mess up and still find ways to use parts of them! Fondant glues together beautifully! Good luck!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, and you can add liquid flavoring to fondant to make it even better!

  3. I've never worked with fondant or gumpaste before but you make me want to try!

    1. Fondant & gumpaste are wonderfully forgiving. If you mess up you can rub out imperfections and if all else fails just roll it back into a ball and start over. So much fun to work with! Enjoy!


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