Thursday, June 20

Childhood Memories Kept Alive... AMAZING Inspiration from Michelle Galpern

My inspiration comes from many happy memories from my childhood. My father is a watchmaker and jeweler and his shop was in our home! It was never quiet, all day and all night I would hear the tick-tock and chimes of the dozens of old clocks he would be working on. It was a beautiful noise that was always remained in the background. If I slept over at a friend’s house it was so quiet that I couldn't sleep. Over the years my dad would give me clocks and their beautiful wind up keys. He had a box of keys that were so much fun to dig through and he would give me the ones that didn't have a match to a clock. My mantle is covered in clocks from my dad and peppered with his old keys. 

When my daughter started her bakery I knew I wanted to mold the antique keys as accents in sugar for unique cakes. They make great decorations for men’s cakes, Victorian and Steampunk cakes. Today we teach cake decorating and the key mold is one of our student favorite molds to make. It is wonderful to see my childhood memory living on and bringing another generation the happiness I remember. 

What objects from your childhood would you mold???

Until next time, Keep life sweet!   ~ Michelle Galpern


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