Wednesday, June 5

Bronzed Beauty Flower Pendant... by Guest Designer Brenda Burfeind

Good afternoon! Brenda here today to share another AMAZING jewelry project. The one thing I've learned since I've originally been on the creative team is that there are NO limits to what an "Amazing" product this is. You can do ALMOST anything, just let your imagination flow. 

Today I'm here to show you how to create an Amazing pendant. I had this bezel pendant in my stash of jewelry pieces and hoped I could recreate it as it's really heavy and I don't like my neck being dragged down when wearing a necklace. Of course creating this out of resin takes a lot of the weight off!

1. I created by mold from the bezel. If you haven't seen how to use the Amazing Mold Putty, please check out the tutorial here.

2. I used the Alumilite Metallic Powder in Bronze and mixed it into the Part "A" of the Amazing Casting Resin. Make sure you mix it well to get all the powder dissolved. Once that is done mix that portion with an equal part the Part "B" of the Amazing Casting Resin. This takes about 5 minutes to cure and without the metallic powder your finished cured "piece" would be an opaque white. By adding the Alumilite Metallic Powder it gives it this beautiful bronze finish.

3. I punched out a piece of scrapbooking paper that fit just nicely inside of the "bezel".

4. I then decided on the flower placement. (I'll show you how to create this in the next section).

This flower was from a mold I made a long time ago from a brooch someone had given me. I just loved the look of this flower, but it would take up almost the entire bezel, so I decided to partially mold it.

1. Using the same Bronze Alumilite Metallic Powder as the bezel, I only filled the mold partially and after it had set for about 3 minutes I slowly peeled it out of the mold. While it's still pliable I "cut" off the outside petals with an ordinary scissor and with that a new flower has emerged.

Now I needed to adhere the flower to the bezel and I wanted to make sure that the scrapbook paper would also be preserved. I was afraid that in time it might start to "scratch" off or get damaged in other ways. I also thought a glass look would be cool. So Amazing Clear Cast Resin to the rescue!

1. Mix equal parts of "A" and "B" of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and stir well. I usually let it sit for about 5 - 7 minutes to make sure ALL the air bubbles are out of it. DO NOT stir again as you will create more air bubbles and you would need to let it sit again.

2. I set the bezel on top of a plastic measuring cup on a very level surface and slowly poured the Amazing Clear Cast Resin into it. If you do get air bubbles, you can always use a small needle to pop them. The product says it cures in 24-48 hours, but it cured in about 12 hours and gave it a glass like look.

While I loved the look and feel of the pendant, I just felt it needed something else. Maybe a bit of color splash? I never have a "real" project in mind {ie. color and such}, I just kinda go with it. 

Green really seemed to be the key to this pendant and this is how it came together.

I glued on some dew drops in for "petals" and I just love the outcome.

I hope you are as Amazed as I am on how beautiful this turned out.
Now I think I need to go shopping for a blouse to show off my new necklace. 

"Creativity is Only a State of Mind..." You can always find me here to see
what else I'm creating. Thanks for stopping by! Until we meet again ~ Brenda


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  1. Very cool. Thanks for sharing the process. It's attracting me more and more.

  2. I LOVE how this turned out! The dew drops as petals are the grand finale! Beautiful colors and I totally agree that shopping for a new blouse is in order! You can't have a beautiful necklace like this that you don't have a blouse that compliments it, can you? I you find a good sale you need to get 2 or 3 or 4 so you can save even more money! LOL TFS!


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