Friday, June 7

Happy Accidents!!! AMAZING Inspiration from
Sandra Strait

Welcome to Friday - the weekend is upon us!!!
Sandra here today to bring you some "Happy Accident" inspiration today. 

I admit it. I'm a klutz. 

Dropsies and spills and blotches are everyday occurrences for me. But truthfully? I believe I'm a better artist for it. I've embraced the concept of the "Happy Accident" and take my accidents as opportunities. I've learned to relax, reformulate my plans, and to enjoy using what I have instead of stressing over what I think I want.

I knew from the get-go that working with liquids like Amazing Casting Resin, and Amazing Clear Cast Resin, would result in spills And...yep...wind gusts, knocked tables and over-pouring have left me with lot of 'SPILLS'. Resin that has leveled out and dried in chips and chunks and planks. And I cherish every bit of it.

Carla Sonheim and her book "Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals" deserve a shout-out at this point. I used her technique of looking for animals (and people) in the blobs of resin I had. Let me show you a few before and afters.

What fun!

I shuffled out my blobs like a deck of cards and pawed through them. Immediately, I saw critturs, and with a little acrylic paint and a Sharpie pen, I made them appear! You can stamp on the resin, too. I used the Dictionary Page stamp from Viva Las VegaStamps! to add texture and shading on my dancing lady's dress. Soon, I'll be using these for art journal pages and mixed-media canvases.

My tip for today: Clean out the dried resin from your casting cups and hoard the stuff that overflows your molds. Jump for joy if you manage to spill some of your resin. With a little imagination and acrylic paint, you can create unique embellishments for your journals, cards and jewelry.

For more of my work in Amazing Mold Putty, zentangle-inspired art, and daily links to tangles, tutorials, and giveaways please visit my "Life Imitates Doodles" blog.
~ Sandra Strait



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  1. There was a painter (whose name escapes me right now) who always said: "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents."
    These accidents are great.


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