Friday, June 28

You're Invited to Afternoon Tea...
AMAZING inspiration by Rachel Whetzel

Hello, AMAZING lovers!! Rachel Whetzel, here again to show you what my latest inspiration is! I am a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan... A large portion of the dolls I have made have had an Alice theme, and I'm always dreaming up new ideas for more projects in Wonderland theme. My latest had a bit to do with TEA.

Amazing Clear Cast Resin TEA 

Most people have thought of using Amazing Clear Cast Resin to create faux water in artificial flower arrangements, but I decided to try using it, and Alumilite Brown Dye to create tea in a teacup! The result was a perfect base for setting the Mad Hatter's top hat in. 

I really love the way that the tea came out! Now I'm trying to decide if I want to go with a Steampunk theme on the Hatter's hat, or if I want to go full on Alice in Wonderland with the decor... 

What food or drink have YOU used
Amazing Crafting Products to recreate? 

Please share your projects in the comments below! If you create something inspired by my idea, please leave a comment with a link here, so I can come and visit to see! I would love for you to visit me at my "house" too!! Thank you so much for reading!! ~ rachel


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  1. Great idea. It totally faked me out! ;-)

  2. Wonderful-Love it! Can't wait to see what you do with the hat

  3. Thanks, you guys!! I'm still waffling about how to decorate that hat! I guess the perfect element hasn't shown itself yet. lol


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