Saturday, October 12

Game-On! AMAZING Inspiration by Lonnie Sexton

October’s Inspiration comes in the form of a problem looking for a solution. The problem; Xbox 360 controllers have small finger cups on the joy-sticks that tend to slip under my left thumb while gaming. I’ve used adhesive grip tape in the past but it feels too rough and the size of the pad is still too small. The Solution; using just a little bit of Amazing Mold Putty, this custom game controller now has a comfortable slip free joy-stick topper.

It felt funny for a minute just getting used to the size,
but after a quick race this fix gets "2 happy thumbs up" from me. 

How can Amazing Mold Putty be used
to make an adjustment on your gadgets?

Please come back and join us for more exciting projects, inspiration and tutorials.


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  1. Talk about thinking outside the putty!

  2. just shared this post: with my son, guess what mom gets to make now? Awesome post!

  3. This is a GREAT idea, and my kids have ruined SO MANY knobbies on their controllers! This is the solution. Why didn't I THINK OF IT!?!

  4. My boyfriend is now your biggest fan :)

  5. Thank you everyone. It's still working great! Can't wait to make some more.


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