Monday, October 7

AMAZING Detail Even from Spoons... Amazing Mold Rubber Inspiration from Carole Lassak

Hello - Amazing Crafters! Carole here with some inspiration today. I was thrilled when Amazing Crafting Products announced their new Amazing Mold Rubber!! Amazing Mold Rubber cures to a strong, flexible mold. As a crafter who loves to dabble in jewelry, I immediately saw great potential and tons of uses for Amazing Mold Rubber. Now I could mold all those three dimensional jewelry pieces that aren’t appropriate for Amazing Mold Putty.

Because Amazing Mold Rubber has a liquid consistency – it’s like honey – it flows into and around undercuts and intricate detail. The liquid can reach places the clay-like texture of Amazing Mold Putty can’t. And because it’s so flexible and elastic when cured, removing cast pieces is a snap. 

Remember spoon rings from decades past??? Rings fashioned from handles of silver flatware. I see they’re enjoying a bit of a revival now. So, I found this original in my jewelry box and decided it would be a perfect candidate to reproduce with Amazing Crafting Products. I made the mold using Amazing Mold Rubber, and cast the ring with Amazing Casting Resin. I finished the piece with silver Rub ‘n Buff and Mars Black Perfect Pigment Acrylic paint. 

I was AMAZED at the detail the Amazing Mold Rubber captured and how clean the casting came out of the mold.

What beautiful objects would you love
to mold in Amazing Mold Rubber?

You can see more projects using Amazing Crafting Products on my Create & Craft blog. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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