Thursday, October 31

Candles are Lit... the Halloween Dinner Table is SET! AMAZING Chicken Feet by Rachel Whetzel

Happy Halloween everyone! Rachel here today with a special Amazing Mold Rubber project... and the finishing touch to my Witch's Apothecary mantle and will be great for the Halloween feast too.

A while ago, I was mindlessly skimming images researching awesome artsy inspiration on Pinterest, and I came across a listing for a vintage set of candle sticks with a VERY interesting twist. They where bronzed CHICKEN'S FEET.

The candlesticks were sold, already, and I haven't been able to locate any others, so I decided to do what ANY creative woman would do. I decided to MAKE my own. I started out with an interesting candle stick that I found at the thrift store.

What you'll need: 

I knew from my last piece using Amazing Mold Rubber, that I needed to make my mold with as little extra space around my piece as possible, so I decided to use a Solo Cup for the sides again. 

I cut the cup's bottom and rim off, so that I could create a funnel easily, and made the funnel with just enough room for the top of the candlestick to fit through.

I put the larger end of the funnel at the bottom of the mold, and taped up the sides to keep the rubber from seeping out. I used Amazing Mold Putty to create the bottom of the mold, and to help with the seal of the bottom of the piece. Then I laid my candle stick in, and got it secured by using wire to hold it in place at the top of the mold. There was a hole all the way up the center of the candle stick (I removed the bottom. It unscrewed easily and made it easier to pour the Amazing Mold Rubber into the mold.) so I was able to settle the cup part of the stick into the mold rubber without worrying about air pockets. Once I got the cup settled, I mixed a second small batch of Amazing Mold Rubber and poured it into the mold. 

To make taking my molds out easier, I cut a slit down the side of my mold once it was set, and when I poured my Amazing Casting Resin, I held it closed with some rubber bands around the outside. 

Here are the finished resin pours! As you can see, I didn't mold the whole candle stick. I didn't need to, because I planned to make the rest of the piece with Creative Paperclay®

I hand sculpted the chicken's feet using the Etsy listing as my reference. When the feet were done, I connected them to the resin tops using more clay. Once they were dry, I painted them black, and added some metal patina to them. I think they turned out pretty awesome!! Because Creative Paperclay® and Amazing Casting Resin are not flame retardant, I don't plan to actually USE these, but they will make a really cool addition to my Witch's Apothecary mantle. 

What One of Kinds are YOU turning into
TWO of a kind using Amazing Crafting Products?

Please share your projects in the comments below! If you create something inspired by my idea, please leave a comment with a link here, so I can come and visit to see! I would love for you to visit me at my "house" too!! Thank you so much for reading!! ~ rachel


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  1. The perfect setting for a dinner of chicken soup!

    1. HA!! That might be a bit much, even for me, Sandra!! lol

  2. Very cool project!! And I thought you were going to tell us you went to the Chinese market and got real chicken feet that you then molded!!


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