Tuesday, October 15

Molding Book Covers... Why NOT??? AMAZING Inspiration with Rachel Whetzel

Hello there, Creatives!! Rachel Whetzel here. I am a book addict. The older, the crustier, the cooler they are. It's not very often a trip "just to check and see if they have anything" at the thrift store ends up in my leaving without at least one book. I always have ideas to use the covers to make art journals, and I actually HAVE done that before, and I love it. I have also always really dug the look of clear acrylic journals and mini scrapbooks. Add to all of that, the fact that some of my MOST COOL book covers have some really cool embossed details on them... and then I realized... I could make some copies of the covers of my favorite textured books, and make some pretty cool art journal covers!! 

Now I am inspired to try molding some of these covers and creating some textured copies to play with. I think Amazing Mold Rubber might be the best molding material for the job because of it's ability to capture the tiniest details.

What unusual copies are you INSPIRED
to create using Amazing Crafting Products?

Please share your projects in the comments below! If you create something inspired by my idea, please leave a comment with a link here, so I can come and visit to see! I would love for you to visit me at my "house" too!! Thank you so much for reading!! ~ rachel


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  1. Can't wait to see what this turns into!

  2. Thanks, guys!! I hope they turn out as cool as I think they will!! I'll be sure to share the results.


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