Friday, October 4

Split Splat! Inspiration using AMAZING Clear Cast Resin by DeeDee Catron

Hi Folks! DeeDee here today with a 12x12 layout! 

A little bit of background ===> I have a 2 1/2 year old who is HILARIOUS. Gabe does and says all sorts of things, picks up the most random sayings and is just seriously totally awesomely rad. The other day he happened to have a fake mustache AND his new sunglasses in his hands at the same time, and to him it only made sense he should wear them together.

Another little tidbit ===> Fearless Amazing Crafting Products leader Susan was working on a project and said "Some people splatter ink... I splatter diamond glaze", and a seed was planted in my brain. I was going to splatter AMAZING CLEAR CAST RESIN on a layout!

And forth came... THIS:

I should point out that the Amazing Clear Cast Resin DID soak into the paper a bit, and leave a ring around the drop that sort of resembles grease... and at first I WAS a little upset. BUT I really wanted to make it work and in the end decided a grungy feel was best to try and achieve around it. And. Oh.MY.WOOOOOOOOORD. The resin is like the perfect little something different on my layout that just makes the whole thing AMAZING. I mixed together equal parts A and B of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin, making sure it was completely mixed with no swirls or variations in the cup. Then using a stir stick I splattered and dropped Amazing Clear Cast Resin around the paper. It sat for 24 hours in my cupboard where no dust could get in it while it cured! Then it was ready to use. I also splattered a bit of glimmer mist and drew some circles around each blob. 

And for the FULL reveal:

AHHHHHHHH. Every time I see it I get this HUGE grin on my face. See more details on my brand new blog for this layout! ~ DeeDee

What sorts of things might you splatter
Where else would little glossy blobs be uber cool? 

ALSO : Susan is looking for your favorite projects
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