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Read my LIPS... It's Mold Rubber Monday!!! AMAZING Fabric Candy Dish Tutorial by Isabel Villarreal

One of the most exciting things about fabric is that it can be used for so many things; and with the help of Amazing Crafting Products, the versatility of fabric has absolutely no limits. I decided to take fabric to a place I'd never been and turn it into a candy dish.


I chose a plain white fabric so that I could decorate the finished piece if I decided. After selecting the shape of the bowl, I coated the entire inside and lip of the bowl with Alumilite Mold Release so that the fabric could be easily removed from the plastic bowl after drying. The fabric should be pressed down into the bottom of the bowl - I left extra fabric around the outside since it could be trimmed away later. 


After mixing equal parts "A" & "B" of Amazing Clear Cast Resin, I used a foam brush to spread the resin over the fabric inside the bowl, starting from the bottom and pulling the brush up along the sides. Rubber gloves come in handy to shape the coated fabric and get it to drape nicely. The first coat of Amazing Clear Cast Resin was allowed to dry about 2 hours before I added another coat with a sprinkle of Alumilite Pearlescent Metallic Powder to give it a little sparkle. The resin will run down to the bottom, but that's okay because it will make a nice thick base after drying. I used a total of 4 coats on the inside of the bowl, waiting about 2 hours between each coat. After the final coat was dry, the coated fabric was easily removed from the bowl.


The excess fabric can be cut away using a sturdy pair of scissors. At this stage, the "sides" of my bowl were still a bit soft, so I shaped the edges into a soft wave along the edge. When cutting the fabric it turned out that the edges were uneven but it gave me an idea so I left them that way. It was time for the a coat on the outside of the bowl to give it a smooth finished look. Before coating the outside I stacked up a few plastic cups and rested the overturned piece so that it floated above my work surface. This allows excess resin to drip off without pooling along the edge of the bowl.


While the clear coat was drying (it would have to dry overnight), I started working on some feet for my dish. I'd been dying to do something Dali inspired and this miniature perfume sample would make the perfect platform on which to base my fabric candy dish. I new I wanted the feet to be 3 dimensional so of course, there was no doubt – I would use Amazing Mold Rubber to get a perfect 3D copy with no unsightly seam. I found a small container and glued my original piece at the bottom to keep it from floating or moving and went to work mixing up some Amazing Mold Rubber. Mixing ratio is 10 parts Base to 1 part Catalyst and can be measured by weight to be sure that it sets perfectly. After mixing the rubber, I poured it into my container, making sure to cover the entire piece. It turned out that my container wasn't quite deep enough, so I added height to the sides by placing tape around the entire lip of the container and then added more Amazing Mold Rubber. 

It took about 8 hours for the Amazing Mold Rubber to feel firm to the touch. I left it for another 4 hours before handling it just to be sure that it was completely set. Absolutely beautiful results! Amazing Mold Rubber is so incredibly easy to use when making a 3D object, since it begins in a liquid form to completely surround the object you're molding, allowing you to get unbelievable detail. Once the mold was cured, I simply mixed up equal parts "A" & "B" of Amazing Casting Resin with a few drops of Alumilite Violet Dye to get a gorgeous Purple color to fill my new mold. Within 10 minutes each of my Dali lips were set and ready to attach to my dish.


Now that the feet were ready the next step was to decorate. With its uneven edges it sort of looked as if the bowl was melting, so I went along with that in my decorating. I mixed up a little more Purple resin and carefully dripped it along the lip of the dish using a wood mixing stick. I actually started off being careful about drip placement but then decided to just go with it and let the resin drip as it wanted. Since Amazing Casting Resin sets so quickly, I had to work fast and mix only small batches so there wouldn't be much waste. Then came the crystals along the bottom of the dish – I secured these in place with a tiny dot of Amazing Clear Cast Resin

** A TIP ** If you let the Amazing Clear Cast Resin sit for about 20 minutes it will start
to thicken and that makes it easier to use as an adhesive for setting stones or crystals.

Since I don't believe there is ever enough glitter or flash I added some stones along the 4 edges and also on the feet. The Dali theme was a success. I just love the way this piece turned out and I'm thrilled with the castings I got with Amazing Mold Rubber.

I had no real idea where I was going with this when I started and instead just made decisions as I went along and worked with mistakes as they happened (yes, they definitely happened!) and I just had fun with it.

What fun places can Amazing Mold Rubber take you?

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  1. this is absolutely amazing. Thank you for such a great tutorial, I'd love to try something like this. Fabulous

  2. agree this is an amazing project, loved how you used fabric, it's awesome to come up with new ways to create. thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! What a fantastic project. You've given me all sorts of ideas!


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