Wednesday, October 30

Polymer Clay Molded to Perfection! AMAZING Desk Drawer Knob Redux by Niki Meiners

Hello everyone! Niki here today with a project using Amazing Mold Putty to dress up my desk drawers with some handmade knobs.

Desk drawer knobs get tons of use in my house. I am not a fan of clutter. If the clutter is out of site I am happy. The kids desk in our play room is used and abused by our kids and their friends. A few weeks ago, a knob fell off and could not be fixed. I tried to find a replacement for it and I even called the manufacturer. No luck. I tried a few from the hardware store and there was a ring around the hole that they would not fit over.

Being the crafty lass, I knew I could make a replacement... AND  I also knew I wanted to give the desk a little something to make it "POP". My daughter wanted pink and purple flowers and my 10 year old son begged me not to. I came up with a motherly compromise, knob that had a flower imprint and in masculine colors. My son suggested black and silver. I think they are pretty neutral so I agreed. 

I found a button I liked. It was the right size and right pattern but not deep enough. I came up with a plan to use more Amazing Mold Putty than would be needed to make a mold of just the button. I rolled the putty into a short fat tube and pressed the button in the center and pressed down through the tube to make it a deep mold. This worked great.

To make the drawer knob...

I conditioned black Sculpey Premo clay. I rolled it into a ball and pressed it in the mold.

Then pressed a screw into the back of the clay about half way in.
To secure the screw, I made a little snake of clay and added it around the opening.


I baked the clay on 275º for about 40 minutes. Follow the manufacturers directions for how long to bake. After allowing the piece to cool, I painted on Metallic Silver DecoArt acrylic paint. The paint really made all the details pop.

Using the Amazing Mold Putty really captures all the tiny details. Now I have to make 4 more knobs and finish the desk.

What furniture could you creatively update
using Amazing Mold Putty and polymer clay?

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Have a fabulous evening! ~ Niki

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