Monday, October 7

Resin Imitates Rock! AMAZING Mold Rubber Inspiration by Isabel Villarreal

When I was given an opportunity to use Amazing Mold Rubber, the newest member of the Amazing Crafting Products family, I was so excited! I had heard that Amazing Mold Rubber made it possible to get an incredible amount of detail and I was NOT disappointed. My first thought was that with a little experimentation, I could do some really cool stuff with something so highly detailed. I immediately used it to mold a sterling pendant that I could turn into a brooch resembling carved Malachite Agate.

After molding the pendant, it was time to sit down and play with color, I decided that the first thing I had to do was throw out everything I already knew and start from scratch. Now, I know you're supposed to follow manufacturer's instructions, but for this experiment I decided to have fun and do what I wanted instead of what I was told this time around (sorry, mom).

Instead of adding Alumilite Green Dye to part "A" and then adding part "B"of Amazing Casting Resin, I put all three parts together in a cup and swirled them around slowly instead of mixing them. This left undissolved streaks of Dark Green in the resin. Then I added a drop of Alumilite White Dye and poured into molds without mixing in the White. If you let the White sit on the surface for a couple of seconds, it will start to separate and swirl on its own as you pour. Swirls of White, Green and Dark Green could be seen as the resin was curing. 

Using the same technique, I tried several other colors and was perfectly pleased with every one of them. With a little polishing around the edges, my brooch will look like carved stone.

This is my resin version of Malachite Agate...
check out all the beautiful detail
I got with the Amazing Mold Rubber

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