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Bones Over You!!! Make an AMAZING Personalized Wood Frame by Maria Soto

Hi this is Maria Soto bringing you another Halloween project. This is a fun Halloween frame that was completely covered with Amazing Casting Resin.


There were many layers added to give it dimension and to prepare it for all the different colors and texture and materials that would go on it. The first couple layers were done by only using Amazing Casting Resin, once you mix equal amounts of parts "A" & "B" for a few minutes until you feel it getting warm you know it's ready to pour. I poured it over the frame in different areas. As you pour the Amazing Casting Resin it is clear, once it begins to set it turns white. It only takes about 10 minutes for the resin to set - so it didn't take too long to cover the entire frame. I repeated the same process once more to make sure the entire front of the frame was covered in resin.

To finish it off, I mixed more Amazing Casting Resin - but this time I added the Alumilite Pearlescent Metallic Powder to part "A", then added part "B" to finish mixing and poured over the frame. This time in different areas. This process was repeated twice. Both times before the resin set completely I placed some creepy cloth in some areas and pulled it off right before it set completely to give the resin texture. This was done in a couple of different areas, as you can see on the photos below. I also made some tiny holes in the resin before it set completely. 

Amazing Casting Resin poured over the wood frame in four applications, the last two applications had Alumilite Pearlescent powder added to give it a shine/glow effect just in some areas. 

This close up photo shows in a better way the different layers of Amazing Casting Resin added to the frame and texture added by using an old brush and the creepy cloth that would later become part of the frame.

Here you can see how the resin looked after applying the creepy cloth and removing it before it set completely to add texture. I also used the tip of a color pencil to make little holes in different areas of the frame. 

Now the frame was completely white at the beginning, with some pearlescent powder used to make it shiny as you can see in the photos below. I did not want to use all dark colors to cover the resin, so I used the Alumilite Gold and Pearlescent Metallic Powders to color the resin. I also used some other paints I had on hand from Viva Decor. Both powders and paints were added by using my fingers and a paper towel, you add paint and remove - sort of like antiquing - it just made it easier to get all the colors in all the different layers of the resin. To be honest I wanted to leave the frame alone at this point. I loved how all the colors worked and I really didn't want to cover any of the resin and I loved how the layers and the colors worked along with the cloth and glitter on it. But I decided it needed to be embellished more.

Wood frame covered in Amazing Casting Resin, colored with Alumilite Metallic Powders and Viva Decor paint (color resin beautifully), Ranger Distress Glitter and creepy cloth.

A close up of the creepy cloth added on the resin covered frame ( I took some more of the Amazing Casting Resin, mixed both parts "A" & "B" and poured over the resin previously added to the frame and quickly added the cloth and distress glitter, since this resin sets pretty fast) .

Another close up as I continue to embellish the frame. I had a bit of left over of resin from past projects made into a thin sheet of resin - and I used my westcott scissors to cut out a moon to add to the frame. 

A close up of the top of the frame to show all the colors and textures. 

A close up photo of the bottom of the frame, shows layers of resin
and lots of color, leaving some of the iridescent white resin. 

As I work with Amazing Crafting Products, I always keep molds on hand for any left overs. In this case I used two items I had previously done - one is a small wood cross I've had for years {that used to be a necklace}, the other was from a cabochon that I tried to pour but ran out of resin so I didn't have enough to cast the frame on it; so I added a metal flower and a Swarovsky crystal inside the cabochon so that I could use it later on. The cabochon was glued to a piece of cardboard tag covered with resin - so I decided to cut the tag to size and use it on this frame. 

A cross and cabochon molded previously, the cross was made using Amazing Casting Resin, while the cabochon was made using Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Alumilite Red Dye, with embedded jewelry findings and crystals that was first added to some resin paper and then added to a piece of cardboard tag that was trim down to the size on the photo. 

Close up of the cross, added some gold wire.

Trying to decide where to add the two embellishments.

I made a cast iron fence out of hot glue that was colored with Viva Decor Paints, I took a plastic skeleton purchased from the Dollar Tree store, and cut it up, making it look like he's coming out of the ground, while part of his leg bones were glued on the top corner of the frame opposite of the cross that sits on top of full moon that was made out of left over resin and hand cut into shape. I hot glued more of the creepy cloth all around the frame, the bottom has a plastic netting (recycled bag that contained some skulls) that was recycled and hot glued also. added some orange and purple glass beads and assorted fabric flowers.

Close up of the golden color result of the resin after using Alumilite Gold Metallic Powder and part of the fence I made using hot glue and Viva Decor paints and glitters. 

Close-up of the finished frame. 

Close up of the finish frame - lower left hand side. I love how it looks
like the skeleton is trying to get out and go towards the photo. 

Close up of the finished frame - bottom right hand corner.

Close up of the finished frame - top right hand corner. 

This frame holds a photo of my daughter - last year she dressed up as a pirate. This frame took some time to put together, trying to decide what it should become at the end is what took the longest, I love to use paint on my frames and paper too, but I have to say that using casting resin gives this a totally different look - one that I love - as this was done with Halloween in mind; but it can be done for any occasion, by changing the colors and embellishments. 

Do you have a creative way of using

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Material List:
  • Wood frame from Michael's Craft Store
  • Amazing Casting Resin
  • Amazing Clear Cast Resin
  • Amazing Mold Putty
  • Alumilite Red Dye
  • Alumilite Metallic Powders - Pearlescent and Gold
  • Viva Decor Black 3D stamp paint in black
  • Viva Decor inka gold in gold silver and red
  • Viva Decor Pearl Pen in silver and Glitter liner in gold
  • Beadalon gold wire
  • Jewelry findings on hand
  • Swarovsky crystals
  • Assorted fabric flowers
  • Adtech hot glue & gun
  • Creepy cloth in white and red from Dollar Tree
  • Skeletons from Dollar Tree
  • Recycled purple plastic mash bag (had skulls from Dollar Tree)
  • Halloween photo of my daughter
  • Tim Holtz Distress Glitter in red

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  1. Ohh! Such amazing textures and glorious colors!

  2. Maria - you are an AMAZING painter of texture. The skeleton reaching out to hug your beautiful daughter - a stroke of genius!!!

    1. thanks Susan, I do LOVE to paint. I love that skeleton, my daughter laughed when I showed her the frame. she loved it.


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