Monday, October 14

Never Let a Broken Hook Leave You Hanging Again! AMAZING Mold Rubber Hooks by Brenda Lee Burfeind

Good day all! Brenda here again and let me just start out by saying this is the most fun I have had with this new product. I LOVE IT!!! You've all seen the new product (Amazing Mold Rubber) showcased here on Mold Rubber Monday and what can be done with it, but I am here to show you how you can duplicate something and possibly never have to buy another hook again in your lifetime. 

I had purchased this very cute plaque of elephants with hooks a long time ago and never got around to hanging it. As I was cleaning out some unwanted things I came across this treasure again but by now it had been pushed here and there and low and behold one of the hooks had broken right at the seam. There was no way I could glue it or make it work with just two hooks because it looked silly.

I thought about using my Amazing Mold Putty and tried, but I couldn't really get the "hook" to look perfect because of the 3D image it is, so "Someday" I thought and put it and it's broken hook back in a safe place.

Recently Susan, our fearless leader, sent me some of this Amazing Mold Rubber to try and the first thing that came to mind was my broken elephant plaque. I watched what the others had made here and thought how 3d it could really get. Since this product is so precious I didn't want to waste it, but pushed my fears aside and began constructing my mold box. I used foam core and lots of hot glue and created my box. 

Ensuring that the hook would fit snuggly inside as not to waste any excess space.

Now, how much Amazing Mold Rubber do I mix was my next question. I didn't want to mix too much because I didn't have anything else prepared but I did know that if I didn't mix enough I could always add more later since it will adhere itself together. But how could I ensure that I had enough?

First I added water to my mold box to make sure that it was completely leakage proof. I didn't want any of my mold rubber to leak out and loose it. So that was a double purpose so to say. 

Then I filled that water into a plastic cup.

Then drew a waterline. 

Now I knew exactly how much to mix up.

The Amazing Mold Rubber packaging has the exact ratio and you really need to be careful that you mix it up exact! Using my measuring cup and scoop it is very simple and once it was all mixed up evenly I poured, starting at one end and letting the mold rubber flow in evenly and consistently. 

I actually mixed up the exact amount. Go figure!!! 

It took about 5 hours for the Amazing Mold Rubber to completely set up but I did let it set over night just to be sure. Again, this product is so precious I didn't want any mishaps. 

The next day I unmolded my hook and I was so excited.

Then I mixed up the Amazing Casting Resin with the Alumilite Brown Dye to match my hook and poured... and my hook was born!

You really cannot tell the difference between them.
Can you tell which is real and which is faux?

The one on the left is my handmade one. 

I cleaned up the raw edges with my sanding tool and viola!

A brand new hook for my plaque. AMAZING isn't it? 

With a little heavy duty adhesive, the repaired hook is positioned and this piece is good as new!

If you've ever had to fix anything,
could Amazing Mold Rubber be your answer?

I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial today. If you would like to see more of my creations, please hop over to Creativity is a State of Mind. Until next time, have a great day! ~ Brenda Lee Burfeind

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  1. What a fantastic and practical use for your Amazing Mold rubber!


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