Thursday, May 15

#Cre8time to make Meaningful Jewelry with
Rachel Whetzel

Hello, Amazing Creatives! Rachel Whetzel here! Looking for a way to create something with a little bit of sentiment and meaning? I created this piece of jewelry for myself as a kind of a Mother's Day gift.

The triangle rock is one of the many I have now, because my boys like to find and present me with triangle shaped rocks instead of heart shaped ones. Every time the give me a new rock, they say, "Here, Mom! I triangle you." I have to admit, I kind of like them more than I thought I would when the shenanigans all started. Now the jar of them on my counter reminds me of how much they really DO triangle me, and I love that my collection grows every year. I also like the sense of humor in which they are presented, and their shape, along with our tradition helps me remember our relationship centered on love and laughter. 

Here's what you'll need to make a necklace of your own:
  • A cool rock with some sentimental value to yourself (Or it could just be really cool! That's OK too.)
  • Amazing Mold Putty curing mat (I made mine by rolling some Amazing Mold Putty thinly, and allowing it to cure). Please CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions on how to mix Amazing Mold Putty.
  • Amazing Clear Cast Resin 
  • Wire
  • Vintage and Thrifted bits and jewelry 
I started out by placing the pieces I wanted to use with my rock, and taping them into place with duct tape on the back. Make sure your rock is also clean before you start. This will be important in keeping your resin clear (directions for mixing Amazing Clear Cast Resin HERE).

Then I mixed some Amazing Clear Cast Resin, and painted over the piece to "glue" my spoon, wire and gem into place. Don't worry about your resin dripping down to the back. That's fine, and we'll address that once your coat has cured. I speed up my cure time by placing my mat and piece into the toaster oven on a low 125 degree heat.

Once the front side is cured. Turn your piece over, and trim any over spill on the back side. Then sand the remaining resin until it's smooth. 

Add a layer of resin to the back side of your piece, and follow the same steps to cure it. If you need to sand any over spill on the front, you can. Add one final layer of resin to the top of your piece again, and over any areas on the front side you had to sand. This will return the sanded finish to a smooth resin finish. 

Then string your new jewelry piece! 

I love the polished look that Amazing Clear Cast Resin gives to my rock, and the way it eliminates the need to solder! All of my pieces are secure and waterproofed with one product. 

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  1. FANTASTIC project - those special little things kids do, mean so much and having this as a reminder makes it even better.


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