Thursday, May 8

Paper Spools Make Stylish Jewels... #Cre8time Challenge for May

Hello Everyone! Susan here to bring you some jewels of inspiration today! Today is May 8th which means it's Cre8time Challenge Day. I'm challenging you to steal away a little CRE8TIME today and make something fun! Last week I shared a bangle using the Frog Dog Studio April Mixed Media KitAmazing Mold Rubber, and Amazing Clear Cast Resin {CLICK HERE to jump to view project post}. Today I'm making a matching bangle and doing a little greencrafting!

When I have some Cre8time carved out - it's usually a small window of time and I want to make the most of it by working on many projects at once with similar products/processes. This is especially true for when I'm mold-making or working with resin. Long story short is that I made this second matching bangle at the same time I made the first... but this one was a bit more messy... and FUN!

I started with a recycled cardboard tape spool. I cut a section away and rounded the ends using heavy duty scissors and sanded any rough edges with an emory board. After applying finger gloves, I applied Jaquard Mantilla Black Pinata Ink with a makeup sponge to the paper core front and back. The inside was lined with a bright blue printed pattern and the ink covered it right up – in one coat, too! I gave it a blast with my heat gun to make sure it was completely dry before proceeding.

Next I repeated by sponging on the iZink Gold Pigment Ink – which really brought the BLING to this paper bangle. WOW! What sparkle and shimmer! I could have stopped here.

This being pigment ink - I definitely heat set this coating to dry.

My apologies for these couple of pix... as it turns out, my eyes are beginning to show their age and most of my pix for this project are completely out of focus because I listened to someone at work who suggested I change the focus of my viewfinder on my DSLR {needless to say this was a bigtime FAIL}. I'm sharing these to show the process and that we are all at the mercy of the camera lens sometimes - LOL!

I trimmed a section of the Decopatch tissue to the dimensions of the tape spool and traced the rounded edges with a pencil to match the shape.

Using a sponge brush, I applied a layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin to the golden spool, pressed the tissue into it, then brushed a layer over the top to seal. Since I was working on two projects together - the resin was starting to thicken; which is the perfect consistency to use as a glue and sealer.

I set aside on freezer paper to let the resin cure overnight. I love the detail of the inner golden shimmer – it's so gorgeous {the pix do not do it justice}. A fine edge of the gold peeks out on the edges which complement the gold detailing in the Decopatch tissue. The Amazing Clear Cast Resin gives it a beautiful gloss finish and makes the colors "POP"!

From paper spool to stylish jewels!

I'm so happy with how these came out and I love the contrast of the clear bangle with the wider greencrafted version. These are going to make a great gift. I already have acquired another tape spool to make another.

What AMAZING arts and crafts
will you make with your Cre8time today???

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  1. Truly amazing. I love how both of them turned out, but especially this one. Can't wait to try this! And yes, they will make a great gift and someone very happy

  2. These both turned out fantastic! Great job and whoever gets them as a gift will be really happy.


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