Wednesday, May 21

Spending #Cre8time TRAVELING amongst the Stars... AMAZING Inspiration by Susan M. Brown

Hello Amazing Crafters! Susan with some WHOvian inspiration today. Remember a while back I created a pendant from a rubber stamp using Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin??? Today, I am sharing another mold that I've created to show the AMAZING detail captured by Amazing Mold Rubber... except this is a FANDOM favorite – the Blue Police Box from Doctor Who.

**PLEASE NOTE** I am the illustrator of this stamp and have obtained permission from the manufacturer, Viva Las VegaStamps! in order to do this {as I did with the previous molded stamp}.  Before doing a project such as this you need to check with the companies ANGEL POLICY to make sure you aren't in violation.

This mold I created along with several others prepared when mixing an entire container of Amazing Mold Rubber {please CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. When mold was cured, I painted a variety of blue, gold and pearl Alumidust directly to the mold using a fine paintbrush, and poured a layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin. I could have used this "AS IS" but I wanted it to have the glowing bright blue color of a proper vessel for time travel.

This is easily remedied! I placed resin piece back into mold and I prepared a small batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin by mixing equal parts of "A" and "B" {CLICK HERE to view preparation}. To that I added a couple dabs of Blue Alumidust using a recycled coffee stir stick from Starbucks {I just picked a bit up on the end of the stick about 3 times}.


I stirred completely, then poured on top of the cured resin piece.
I used the stick to spread evenly and fill the remaining space in the mold.


BAM! After curing overnight – my Blue Police Box is truly GLOWING! I trimmed off the flashing with scissors and filed the edges with an emory board. Now I have a companion embellishment to adorn my "Ode to the Raggety Man {Doctor 11}" Mini Book. Please CLICK HERE to jump over to my blog to see the "Companion" Doctor WHO Mini Book.

A glowing BLUE BOX for my Time Traveler!

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I hope you have a creative day - thanks for visiting!
See you tomorrow with more Amazing Crafting Products inspiration.

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