Tuesday, May 20

Candy Rings Restyled... a Fun #Cre8time Redux
by Isabel Villarreal

After the kids (or you) are finished with the candy, you can recycle the plastic rings to make... you guessed it... more rings! Only, this time the rings are cute and fashionable instead of being a sticky mess. These rings I've refashioned will be given out as favors at a child's party. I layered some foam shapes and findings using hot glue to make the originals and created multiples using Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin. Make sure to wash all the icky stuff off the rings before you start so you have a nice clean surface. Just fill the mold with resin and place the ring top down in the center of the mold. Give it about 10 minutes to solidify and once the resin has set, hold the ring while you remove the mold. Use paint, markers or dyes to add color. 

Plastic ring hoarding behavior - justified!

These rings are cute and fun so I'm thinking I might make some for myself. 

(Excuse my nasty nails in the photo above...) I used some punched paper shapes as my very first layer just to add a little pizzazz to my rings, but you can use the plain ring since they come in bright colors. Since these were so easy to mold and duplicate I made six different ring designs to give some variety. The kids will go crazy over these and I'm loving the fact that I can recycle.

What recycled fashion can
Amazing Crafting Products help you create?

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  1. a great recycling project - these would be fun for bday parties


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