Thursday, May 22

#Cre8time for an AMAZING Straightening ACT... Fabulous Rhinestone REDUX by Maria Soto

Hi there, this is Maria bringing you an inspirational post today. We have some new fun products to play with, so I thought I would try these fun Alumidust products to share a few creative ways to use Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Alumidust!!!!

Here is a pair of earrings I made. They are just a single row of rhinestones, but you can see the metal back side. I wanted to do something to cover the standard silver back and also make them lay straight.

After making a mold of the earrings using Amazing Mold Putty, I brushed some of the Alumidust in gold on the mold. I mixed and prepared a small amount of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and poured a tiny amount into the mold – just enough to cover the backside of the earrings. I let this cure overnight. 

The next day I went to check on the mold and removed the earrings. I was so happy to see that the resin worked!!! It colored the back side gold and the earrings are now fun to wear because they lay flat. 

Here is the mold showing the Gold Alumidust applied -
ready for the Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

You can see the earrings placed into the mold with the resin; just waiting for the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to cure. 

So I have used resin to create molds, to adhere embellishments and now to fix my jewelry. It is fun to have a product that can be used is so many different ways. 

Photo shows the front side of the earrings – and you can see a nice gold border created by using the Gold Alumidust. The Amazing Clear Cast Resin worked perfectly to stiffen up these earrings,without adding weight – creating very light earrings. 

Here you can see the front and back side of the earrings. 

I think they look absolutely amazing on my fabulous model, too!

What fun ways have you used

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  1. Very nice! I would never have thought of this!

  2. thanks Isie. I made a jewerly set and the earrings just kept curling up - this trick worked and made my set complete, I love light weight earrings, these are so light you forget you are wearing them


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