Thursday, March 12

Creepy Cool and #POE (etic) Remelt Pendants... AMAZING Inspiration by Isabel Villarreal

As a small business owner I like to add a little freebie for customers whenever they make a purchase. Usually I give small stamped items but this time around I wanted to make something that really captured the feel of my products, which tend to be on the dark side with a little cuteness thrown in. I created these creepy cool pendants using Amazing Remelt, which can be used to make molds, melted down and reused to make more!


I had previously sculpted the skull and anatomical heart out of clay and then attached them to some clear pendant blanks. A small plastic storage bowl served as my molding box, all I had to do was adhere my originals to the bottom of the bowls using hot glue. Using a microwave and working in 5 second increments I melted down some Amazing Remelt and poured it over my pieces.

It was cured in about 15 minutes. and just look at these molds! Every detail perfectly captured and ready to use in just minutes. Since I would be using these molds to make LOTS of pendants, I made a few molds of each. Multiples will save me so much time.

A dusting of Alumidust in the molds really brought out the details. These were made using Amazing Clear Cast Resin and finished with hemp twine.

What will you create with Amazing Remelt?

I'd love to see what you create! Please upload and share your creations to the

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