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Visions of #Cre8time Shine Brightly... Mixed Media Suncatcher by Aimée Wheaton

Hi guys, Aimée back this time with a little Mold Rubber Monday project. This project sort of evolved, originally I was going to make some resin bracelets with a Steampunk theme and that sort of fizzled – I blame my family's crazy schedule as of late. I swear I took a photo of me pouring the mold rubber but it is nowhere to be found, you can see how to mix it HERE.

First I found a toy blister pack my daughter had laying around to use as my mold box, they really come in handy and she seems to have gotten my mixed media art hoarding skill down. ;) Next I hot glued down the items I wanted to cast to the blister pack. Prepare your Amazing Mold Rubber next and then drizzle it on your items letting it fill each area on it's own. Let it cure for a few hours (the more humid it is the better) this works perfectly down here in FL.

My items I cast... 3 of them turned out OK and a couple need a little more. I didn't mix enough mold rubber though so the house and the lightbulb didn't mold well at all. The great thing is you can pour more mold rubber over an already cured grouping and it will self adjust. I was out of extra so it didn't work for me at the time. I casted them with Amazing Casting Resin so they are white and a clean canvas for me.

My bracelets weren't perfect so I decided to create something with that round shape. I cut the mold rubber a little too much when taking it out of the mold. I could have sanded it down to make it look right but came up with another idea.

Next I cut out a piece of another blister pack and traced the shape of the bracelet onto it with a fine tip Sharpie. I then cut it out.

I wanted to create a stained glass or watercolor look on the plastic so I got out my acrylic inks. I love these! These are a must have in mixed media art.

One drop goes a long way.

I started brushing it on with a brush in different areas and let it sit for a little bit, I then flipped it over on the paper towel to dab off the excess, I wanted a layered color effect. I continued with a few more colors repeating these steps.

This is what the back looks like now.

I then grabbed one of my digital art greeting cards (my original art),
and traced out the shape of the plastic.

I then cut it out. I will be doing an image transfer
with it on the front side of the plastic.

Using Golden Gel Medium, I coated the front of the plastic.

Make sure it covers the entire piece.

I then put the image face down onto the gel medium and let it dry.
Here you can see if from the back side.

Notice the two Amazing Casting Resin bracelets? I decided to sandwich the plastic piece into the middle, while the gel medium is still drying. While it's drying I decide to search through my bead stash to see how I can embellish it. I found a resin link I created a year ago when I first discovered resin. I poured too much onto it and the paper stuck to the back so it just sat there waiting to be used. I also found a glass crystal bead gifted to me by Margot Potter :). My beading techniques came in handy making this embellishment.

Take a head pin and a few smaller beads and string the beads on.
Form a loop to connect to the resin bezel.

Add it and twist the head pin. Voila the little dangling part is done!

The gel medium was dry so I flipped it over to the
back side and sprayed generously with water.

Then gently start rubbing away the wet paper and you'll be left with the reverse image of what you put on. Don't rub too hard or you will rub off the image. I did rub to hard and some pieces came off but I still like it. You can see it in the photo below.

Where did her eye go? LOL It's OK. You can see the painted design coming through as well. I decided it needed a bit more color so I added some blue acrylic ink on the back.

I also dabbed it onto the paper towel.

Next I painted the bracelets with heavy body acrylic paint.

When that was dry enough I used a stencil (a Halloween placemat from clearance at Lohl's LOL) and sprayed metallic ink spray over the top.

I like how it gave it more interest. Let that dry.

Next I hot glued the rough sides of the bracelets – don't worry these will be hidden. I glued the plastic image down and then the other bracelet on top.

Starting to piece it all together.

Then I attached the embellishment to a piece of lacy ribbon.

I hot glued the ribbon covering the gaps of the bracelets and also adding the top jump ring so it can hang well in a window.

I then brushed Interference Green Alumidust onto
the top part of the bracelets for extra shimmer!

Can you see the sheen?

Next I mixed up a batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin –
I made extra to pour into another mold.

I added in some interference glitter to Part "A" of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and mixed it. Then I mixed parts "A" and "B" together.

I slowly started coating the top part of the image using the popsicle stirrer. Can you see how it's already bringing out the color? The Amazing Clear Cast Resin really makes it pop!

Then I also poured some Amazing Clear Cast Resin onto the top part of the bracelet as well for extra shine and then sprinkled some more glitter.

When this is dry all I need to do is attach some ribbon
to the top and let it hang in a window.




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  1. so many wonderful things learned in this tutorial Aimee!! xo


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